What’s the Real Reason for the Groot O League Tournament?

When I was in the US in February 2011, Robert Grier (one of our executives) gave me a gift of a cloth, not just a cloth but “A Terrible Cloth” for the Pittsburgh Football Team, the Steelers, which has won more Super Bowl Championship titles than any other American pro football teams. He said to me, Simon, see what you can do with this cloth in terms of Sports in Namibia.

And for the whole time when I arrived in Namibia in the same month, I kept thinking what I could do with the sports in Namibia.

Then I started to think how Former President Mandela used Sports, Rugby, to help unify South Africa, which then was a racially divided South Africa.

Then I started thinking about sports in Namibia. How can we, at Groot, help develop Namibia’s sports from the grass root level? Since we are fast tracking the industrial economic development of Namibia, we also must focus on other factors that help develop the people themselves, and this is the foundation of the Neuroeconomics. Therefore, I suggested that we host unique unparalleled Sporting tournament events in Namibia, hence Groot O League was born.

Groot O League is just one of many different Sporting events that we are planning to host across Namibia annually, starting with the Groot O League for the Four Regions in Northern Namibia, which will be held at Oshakati Independence Stadium, in Oshakati on August 26 – 28, with live music performance by The Dogg and Gazza, two of Namibia’s top artists. The Grand Prize is N$80,000, yes let the best soccer and netball teams win.

In October 2011, we are planning to host Groot K League, which is a tournament for the Kavango and Caprivi area. A Rundu based businessman who has heard about the Groot O League in the North, has a great vision and understanding for the same cause, so he offered us a Sponsorship of N$100,000 to host the Groot K League in Rundu.

Also, in October 2011, we are planning to host Groot O Tennis in Ongwediva, with the same grand prize amount.

We also plan to host other similar tournaments in the South, Central and West areas in 2012 and the coming years. The core purpose for doing this is to help contribute to the development of sports in Namibia from the grass root level.

All of our Groot events are free, open to anyone, and offer incredibly awesome prizes, but we rely on the generosity of our Sponsors to cover the costs of hosting these awesome; family and entertaining free events.

We are offering our sponsors the best value, and an access to more than 24,000 (8,000+ a day) live audience that are expected to attend the Tournament events for the 3 days.

Please visit our Facebook page to learn more about the Groot O League Tournament.


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