Unless Namibians Are United, Nothing Will Change With the Current Worsening Unemployment Rate

The TRUTH: Unless the people of Namibia, the business community and the entire government of Namibia unite to work toward a common goal; to help eradicate poverty by creating sustainable decent paying job opportunities, nothing will change from the current troubling socioeconomic issues.

During the apartheid era, the majority of the Namibian people were united as one under SWAPO, they were united in one spirit for one common goal; freedom from the oppression. And Namibia achieved that common goal.

And, now, it’s time for Namibia, all of Namibia to work together; whether it’s Vambos, Hereros, Namas, Damaras, Kavangos, Caprivians, Whites, Rehobothers, etc., it’s time for the Namibian people to embrace one unity and work in one spirit with the government, business community and work for one common goal; economic independence.

We have come up with the ONLY solution, the Groot Town Center ecosystem, yes, you can do your own independent research, analyze the entire macro economy for the country Namibia, and you would see that our solution (see it and download it here) is the ultimate and only solution to help Namibia realize this urgent needed common goal; a creation of decent paying and sustainable employment opportunities, efficient electricity supply to both rural and urban centers at cheaper rates, poverty reduction, improved healthcare and education system, overall to help make Namibians, all of the Namibians, to be better off, and live the Namibian dream.

Can we please work together? The people of Namibia, the government of Namibia, the business community of Namibia, the nonprofit organizations of Namibia; can we all make this our top priority and say; let’s all do it together, and in 5 years, we achieve and realize more than just Vision 2030.

Can we do it? Who’s with us, Groot Property Group? This is not about just being a private for profit company, even if we are; developing a commercial project, and yes, we will make money from this, everyone who wants to work on this will financially benefit from it, it’s not just a commercial project, it’s a platform, a marketplace where everyone can trade, sell and buy and make some money.

During the apartheid era; we all used to exclaim that; United We Stand, Divided We Fall, and now, whatever happened to that? What’s happening to Namibia? What’s happening to you, your family, your job, and your business? Are you now better off than yesterday?

What’s is it that we seriously need to do to help our government realize Vision 2030? We have the solution, and it’s the development of Groot Town Center ecosystem. Let’s embrace one another and work on this for a common goal; to make all of us, ourselves better off.

It’s time to take off our shoes and work together with our government and help make our country an even a better place where everyone can live and realize his or her dream of prosperity, a dream of not needing water or wood to make fire and cook food, a dream, where you can get sick and not have to die because of the fault of a poor healthcare at some State hospital, a place where you don’t have to walk to work because you can afford to buy your own car.

If we want change, let’s please work together; as One Namibia, One Nation!


One thought on “Unless Namibians Are United, Nothing Will Change With the Current Worsening Unemployment Rate

  1. Our children will learn about the different cultures of Namibia – to love the land – to tolerate all predators and understand the balance that makes nature perfect. ……This private rural school based on Okonjima farm aims to provide a sound start-up education for pre-school ages 2-5 yrs as well as lower primary children grades 1 4 …Due to financial and social constraints a large number of young Namibians are denied the opportunity of a high standard of education. The rural communities of Namibia are in dire need of effective pre-school and lower primary education thereby offering a sound basis for their entire school career…Vast distances between their homes and the closest education centres prevent the pre-school child from attending even the most basic play-school environment.

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