Thank You for Helping to Make Groot Town Center a Huge Success

I thank God; I thank Jesus, I thank Him, because things are just going so good with the development of Groot Town Center ecosystem. It was initially hard, mostly dealing with the mentality of the Namibian people, but God has been the driving force for making this all possible. To Him be the Glory and Honor and Praise. And I feel so good about everything; I’m so happy…thank you Lord, it has not been easy.

If this project; Groot Town Center development ever serves to benefit you in any way; please don’t thank me, Robbie, Robert or our company, Groot Group. Please say a prayer and thank the Lord, Jesus Christ, for Him alone made this possible for us to do this project.

It has been a nerve wrecking work, and each day, we are fueled with a renewed spirit and great desire and passion to keep us going and make it happen. I and my house, want to praise God and thank Him for everything; if it was not for Him, then as for me, I would not have been able to be part of this great team to make this development happen.

Please, just say thank you to God; so many great things are happening which are poised to instantly benefit the whole country, for everyone in Namibia, such as the development of the 900 MWe Gas Power Plant, that for the first time in the history of Namibia, that Namibia will have its own factory to produce and generate our own electricity to power our whole country.

I thank you Lord, and I appreciate each and everyone who has ever supported us in making this project happen.

And even if you had criticized us, you actually didn’t criticize us, you simply pointed out some of the mistakes that we were doing. In a way, you greatly helped to shape us and correct our process of making this project a huge success.

So, thank you very much for everything. Thank you Lord, in you I trust always!


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