The Development of the 900 MWe Gas Power Plant By Groot Property Group in Namibia is a Matter of National Urgency

Since the very beginning, Namibia has always relied on electricity supply from South Africa and in recent years, from Zimbabwe, with Zimbabwe supplying about 150 MWe to Namibia, and the rest from South Africa.

In 2010, the Caprivi Interlink Connector was inaugurated to supply 300 MWe to Namibia but it’s shared among Zambia and Botswana. Yes, it has a capacity to supply up to 600 MWe to the three mentioned countries. However, sometimes it may experience congestion in signal flow due to heavy use by any country with the most demand at any given moment.

A few years ago, Zimbabwe informed Namibia that it would no longer be able to supply electricity to Namibia as from sometimes in 2013, same with South Africa. And with the recent Japanese Nuclear Power Plant disaster, many countries have started looking at other options of electricity generation as alternatives to Nuclear Power Plants, with Germany stated that it would phase out its Nuclear Power Plants within 7 years and rely on renewable energy.

France which relies on generating its power supply nearly 70% from its Nuclear Power Plant Generation has also stated that it will look at other options of renewable energy. The Obama Administration has authorized about US$50 billion in studying new technologies for cleaner, low cost and more efficient form of energy, and India as well as many other European countries are following the same step.

South Africa, during the recent Japanese Nuclear Power Plant disaster, had sent delegates to DRC to look at possibly importing electricity from DRC as an alternative should it shuts down its Cape Town Nuclear Power Plant. And if that happens, Namibia will be in the dark; no electricity.

My many meetings with NamPower Senior Executives as well as with Electricity Control Board, it doesn’t seem as if NamPower has an immediate solution to solve Namibia’s urgent electricity need. Their planned Gas Power Plant may be 6 years away from being developed and operational.

But, as we all know it, in Namibia, nearly 88% of the rural areas don’t have electricity. It costs about N$40,000 per each rural area homestead to pay for the NamPower’s Transformer in order for NamPower to connect electricity to the rural homestead, and then the homestead must keep up with the high monthly cost for the electricity. Hence more and more rural homes in Namibia have no electricity.

For the urban areas in Namibia, for those with postpaid electric meters, not prepaid, in their homes, the minimum fee charged per each month by NamPower is N$200 per each account whether one uses the electricity or not. These are the facts for electricity consumption in Namibia.

Yes, the wealth creation of any nation is directly proportional to the country’s ability to produce its own electricity. And Namibia, in 2009, it consumed only 3.2 TWe compare to other countries with almost similar population and industry composite sector such as Slovenia which consumed more than 13 TWe; and this gives us a clear level indication of productivity in Namibia; which in this case is at minimal.

We, at Groot Property Group, plan to develop, design and build a 900 MWe of Gas Fired Power Plant in the South of Namibia near the Kudu Gas field, and we rely on getting the Natural Gas to fire-power this Power Plant from the Kudu Field. And if for any reason that the Kudu Field will be unable to supply the needed Natural Gas for our planned Gas Power Plant, then we will seek to import it from Ghana and Nigeria using whatever methods that will work best.

Our Groot Town Center Ecosystem when fully implemented within 3 years will need 400 MWe, while at the same time, Namibia consumes the same amount of 400 MWe. Hence our plan to develop the stated 900 MWe Gas Power Plant is not just needed in Namibia but it’s a national urgency that must be looked at with great interest and consideration by the Office of the President of Namibia, as a matter of urgency. And we hope and look forward to working and partnering with NamPower as the distributor of the electricity from our planned Gas Power Plant.

Natural Gas is the second cheapest form of generating electricity, followed by Coal, but Coal is the dirtiest and most pollutant compound to the environment, and it’s the most riskiest in mining; more and more miners die each year from Coal mining. Most countries who use Coal to power their electricity production have more money to clean up some of the CO2 that’s generated by the Coal Power Plant.

Other technologies such as GeoThermal, Wind, Hydro, Solar PVC, etc, are too expensive compare to Natural gas, and Namibia is endowed with plenty of Natural Gas at the Kudu Gas field, enough to power Namibia for the next 100 years.

For our planned 900 MWe Gas Power Plant, we have compiled the best team in the world to help us design, develop and build it and be ready for operational within 18 months at the cost of about US$900 million. Our team and partners for our planned 900 MWe Gas Power Plant are up of Russians, Americans, and Japanese. And on Monday, June 13, 2011, I’m traveling to Germany to meet up with an engineering firm which is specialized in designing, engineering, and building Power Plants. This is the firm that we have asked to design, engineer, develop and build our 900 MWe Gas Power Plant.

Once we have this Power Plant operational within 18 months, in early 2013, it would enable Namibia, for the first time in the history of Namibia, to produce our own electricity for our own consumption. And when that happens, it should at least reduce electricity cost in Namibia possibly by as much as 40%, since by importing electricity from Zimbabwe and South Africa, we end up paying perhaps high costs and import fees and then may be pass these costs to the Namibian people.

For financing, we have put a great team of investors in the US who are interested in financing this Power Plant, however, Standard Bank has also indicated with great interest in financing part, if not all, for the development of this Power Plant.

We plan to build this Gas Power Plant in the South of Namibia, near the Kudu Gas field, where we have identified a land suitable for the development of this Power Plant.

On Monday, June 13, 2011, a few of our team members and I plan on traveling to Germany to meet with the officials at the above stated engineering firm to discuss and negotiate our need for their engineering and services to design, develop, and build our 900 MWe Gas Power Plant.

I hope the Namibian government will ask some of their executives to accompany us to Germany, on this historic and urgently important trip for the above stated reason, only going to stay for 2 days, leaving on Monday, June 13, 2011 and returning to Namibia on Thursday, June 16, 2011. I also hope that some of the Namibian people would accompany us to Windhoek International Airport to wish us a safe and pleasant journey to Germany.

Our Sole Purpose

The development of this Gas Power Plant is for the best interest of Namibia, our country, our government, for our people, so that Namibia will become self-sufficient in producing our own electricity, using our own God-given natural resources.

In addition, more than 500 Namibians will be employed for the construction of this Gas Power Plant with about 50 Namibians will be permanently employed at the said Gas Power Plant. Other economic effects include the transfer of knowledge, skills and technology to the Namibians as a result of developing and producing our own electricity.

I hope, as you’ve read this far, that you would please shows us your continued support for our endearing effort, and please pray for us and our trip, as we make this historic and much and urgently needed development, to make this development happen fast to forever benefit our country, and all the people of Namibia, and our economy.


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