The Risks for Capturing and Prosecuting Osama bin Laden

Some people including his sons are now questioning why Obama didn’t capture and prosecute Osama bin Laden instead of having him killed by the US Navy Seals.

Here are some of the risks that some people are not considering when thinking about why not capturing and prosecuting OBL.

If he was captured and be tried in any court of law in any country, then that country would have been possibly subjected to severe and ruthless attacks by Al Qaeda members and OBL supporters. Then more lives would have been lost as a result of them trying to retaliate. And no country would have wanted to host his court hearing.

Also, if he was not burried at sea, then his tomb would have become a symbol of those who want to become like him. It would have become a shrine of hate and extremist fanatics. Yes, OBL used his religion to influence and cause the death of thousands of Christians and Muslims alike around the world; hence he has those who support and sympathize with him and those who detest him including some Muslims.

Therefore, it’s better for one man to die, as he did, than to cause more deaths and instability from violent threats to any country that would have hosted his court hearing.

Financially, he already caused a loss of more than $15 trillion in the global economy since 9/11, and more than $3 billion of that went into trying to find him and protect the US against his attacks. If he was to be tried in the court of law, more billions of dollars would have been spent trying to protect him, for his personal safety and for the country that would have been hosting his court proceeding.

Remember, as his people would have tried to free him out, so as many Americans would have tried to kill him, hence more billions of dollars would have been spent just to keep him safe, and his court proceeding would have gone on for years and years, and each second of every minute, money would have been spent just because of him. But now that money would be spent in rebuilding economic infrastructure and perhaps for international aid and humanitarian programs.

But, is the world safer now than when he was alive? Perhaps just 15% safer. It’s too early to tell. Perhaps about two years from now would be different. Also, for now, Al Qaeda should think twice in appointing a successor, because whoever is appointed to succeed OBL, he would be a target of kill or capture by the US Military Forces, and there is probably no one who would want to be in that hot seat.

Thus, eventually with time, Al Qaeda would be a thing of the past. And we all could be boarding our flights without being subjected to extensive screening and searching, just like we used to be prior to 9/11.


One thought on “The Risks for Capturing and Prosecuting Osama bin Laden

  1. You should write a script and trying turning this post into a movie proposal for Hollywood – sounds like the perfect ending – but I’m somewhat disappointed.

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