Writing is Powerful!

There’s power in writing, and I love writing. I write just about anything, whatever I feel at any given moment, I just write; some of my analytical articles are usually about 95% accurate on whatever I predictive analyze.

A Facebook friend, Jason L. Baptiste, started writing articles about startups and then he got published by online news media, eventually he got a publishing book deal. Through his blogging and writing, it helped him to easily raise $1.5 million in seed funding for his new and hot startup, Onswipe.

For me, writing has helped me tremendously. Because through my Review for Namibia’s Budget for 2011/2012, it enabled me to easily meet with top Namibian government officials as well as aspired top Standard Bank executives to wanted to meet and talk to me.

All in all, it is easily helping us to raise our 20% or N$1.3 billion (US$160 million) in debt funding for our Groot Town Center ecosystem development.

There’s power in writing; writing is powerful. It helps to define who you are; your capacity and ability; your thoughts, belief, knowledge and skills, your intellectual and understanding of subject matters. So start writing.

Read my Review for Namibia’s 2011/2012 Budget article, it’s the most read article on my blog by top officials in the Namibian government.

Don’t forget to attend my 2-day workshop on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership in Outapi on June 17th and 18th, hosted and produced by Namib Computing Academy (Pty) Ltd. Look for ads regarding this workshop in The Namibian newspaper in coming days.


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