How Relevant is Pan-Africanism in Today’s Global Economy?

In today’s globally integrated and competitive market economy, is Pan-Africanism still relevant?

It’s being whispered in and around investment power houses and economic forums that Africa is next after China. But, is Africa really ready?

Africa is the wealthiest continent in terms of natural resources endowment, with an estimated value of more than $65 trillion and it has an amazing rich history; as expressed by the views of the Pan-Africanists, see But what would Africa’s new and young generation do to take this movement to a new height of economic empowerment for all Africans?

Africans know that the primary factors that are hindering their continent from realizing the dream of Ghana’s first President Kwame Nkrumah and Egypt’s second President Gamal Abd El Nasser are; nationalism, tribalism, ethnicism, racism (yes, black people are racist too), religionism, sexism, selfism, and individualism (as opposed to collectivism mostly found in Asia and the Middle-East).

If Africa can overcome these factors, then it can truly realize the unification of Africa as envisioned by Nkrumah and El Nasser.

However, as long as Africans keep promoting these factors, then Africa will always be undervalued, under-developed, under-productive, hence dead poor and separated.

In today’s global economy, China is the next Economic Power House, and Africa is next after China, but Africans need to come together first and abandon those unfavorable and sick ingredient factors that cause awful separation among themselves; these factors are the roots of every ethnic war, corruption, coup de tat, etc. in Africa. They are the primary disease that needs to find a cure.

We are pioneering the helm of finding that cure with our Rapid Industrial Ecosystem Development. Because for Africa to realize the African dream, Africans need to move from Agrarian Political based Economy into Economic market-empowerment; empowering Africans with better and sustainable paying jobs will enable Africans to compete in today’s competitive market and integrated global economy.

However, this can only be achieved when there’s strong Foreign Direct Investment, but only after Africa has realized unity and political stability.

And for those with small brains,  slept through all your history classes, or only tune to BET and MTV channels, Africa is not a country and Nelson Mandela is not the President of Africa.


One thought on “How Relevant is Pan-Africanism in Today’s Global Economy?

  1. according to my view that Pan Africanism is still working under the wings of AU as it still implimanting its objectives as well as boosting up african economy and solving of disputes among African Nations e.g… Congo, S.Africa,Ghana, Rwanda, Egypt….etc

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