Was Osama bin Laden Beaten First by the Navy Seals and Why Did He Hate America?

During the Afghani Soviet War, Osama bin Laden was fighting with the US against the Soviet. He was a CIA, well trained operative, fighting as a Mujahideen, fighting against the Soviet Union, to leave Afghanistan. And America was helping the Afghani rebels, Osama bin Laden’s forces, to rid the Soviet in fear of Soviet Union spreading its influence throughout Asia.

However, after the Soviet withdrew from Afghanistan, America didn’t fully withdraw. Instead, America went and set up its military base in the Arabian peninsula. And according to the Muslim customs, no foreigners should setup military base in the Holy land.

Also, America started helping and supporting Israel against Palestine. And that made Osama bin Laden mad, hence he declared jihad against the US in around 1995 but no one was really paying him any attention.

It’s mostly because of America settling in the Arabian region and its support of Israel that overturned Osama bin Laden to hate America.

As a former CIA operative, he was smart in alluding the US and NATO since 9/11; he made the US search for him in the mountains and caves in Southern Pakistan and the Afghani hills, while he was just less than half a mile away from Pakistani Military Academy living good in a $1 million mansion, and not in a cave with snakes and scorpions.

He was probably like, let them hunt “me” in the jungle, while I am here in a wealthy suburb living good with my family and kids.

But the question is; who paid to build that house, who’s the builder, and how long has he been living there? Well, bin Laden was worth more than $500 million prior to 9/11, so might have paid to have the house built just for him.

The house was built in 2005, so that means for more than 6 years, he was living there while the US and NATO were looking for him in the desert? And at what school did his kids go to?

Looking at the computer screen’s photo of him circulating the Web with a shot above his left eye, it seems like he was beaten first with a butt of the gun on the left eye, before he got shot, but not at point-blank.

Now it’s being reported that he was not armed but put up a resistance. So that means, if he tried to physically fight off the US Navy Seals, then they might have first hit him and then shot him. But by shooting an unarmed man is against the US policy.

I am sure there would be Congressional Inquiry on this one, and the House-controlled Republicans would try to pin it and blame Obama.


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