The Power of My Own Words and the Burning Passion Within Me

Since I was about 14 years old, I would say to myself what I wanna do and then I would just do it. No one makes me and no one stops me from doing what I want in my life. That’s why I’ve ended up where I’ve been to do what I have done. I simply say what I want, pray about it and then do it, of course with the help of some great friends and people in my life. There’s no limit for me, no boundaries; it’s just me, I am my own limitation.

If I want to do something in my life, and I hit the wall, I try to find a way on how to do it, but even better. But if there’s no way, then I make my own way through the walls, steep mountains or deepest valleys, if I have to. This has always been my philosophy and it has always worked for me.

I don’t have to have come from a well-to-do family; I don’t have to have well-known or rich family members to help me realize my dream, when coming to me, my life, and my family; it’s all about me and a few of those who care about me. Any success or failure that I realize, it’s because of my own hard or less work; my own merit, and the power of networking, connecting with the right people in order to help me achieve what I have set out to do.

For me, nothing is impossible. If I have to go to the farthest place on earth, thousands of miles away from home and everything that i know and love, then I will just do it, so I can make my wish come true.

I have no borders, no limits, and no fear. I say it, and then I do it.

Sometimes it may take me years, but one thing about me, I never quit, I don’t give up no matter how the situation might be. I just keep on pushing until I get it done; just the way or better than I expectedly wanted it.

It’s my passion, it’s my tenacious spirit. And the more someone says; “Simon, you can’t do it”, then the more I would do everything possible, just to prove that someone wrong.

It’s the fire in me, it’s the burning flame of desires and wanting to be more than just me, it’s the wish to leave a legacy and a platform on which my children and family would be proud of me.

So, never tell me that I can’t do it, because you’ll just help fuel my burning passion and desires to prove you wrong.


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