Groot Town Center, a Success Story for Namibia?

We’ve ran an awesome social media campaign during this whole planning process of Groot Town Center. And our Facebook page is one of the most watched and read especially by people around the world.

And, the rest of Africa is watching our progress, so much that by the time we start with construction, we expect most of African economies to come running to us to do for them as we are doing in Namibia.

We already have two African countries that are interested in meeting and talking to us.

This, what we are doing, we are effecting an economic revolution; to move Africa away from agrarian based economy to a full-blown industrial economy.

Yes, African economy is the 2nd fastest growing in terms of GDP for the past few years just behind China, and we have to take the yoke and lead Africa into the next powerful emerging market.

The world, developed economies, have already moved away from industrial into information technology revolution and now into Nanotechnology revolution while Africa is still stuck in a wasp of agrarian, nearly for the past 200 years.

Africa has to move away from political economy (civil war and famine) into the next age of economic powerhouse and leadership. Because after China, Africa has to step in; due to its massive natural resources endowment estimated at the value of more than US$65 trillion. And we, at Groot Group, are taking that first step to make that happen within the next 10 years instead of 100 years.

Join us, let’s take the lead, let’s make it happen. “This time is for Africa” – Lady Gaga.


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