More Rain in Namibia, Means More Human and Animal Babies, for Namibia?

It’s the middle or nearly end of April, which is almost Winter season in Namibia, but it’s still raining nonstop; and I’m loving this weather. It has even recently made a headline news on CNN, and the CNN Weather Forecast predicts that there’s more rain to come in Namibia.

Now, amid the flood and its devastating effect in the Northern Namibia; there’s some good news for this rain, which is;

Generally, Namibia is an arid desert-like dry country; however, this year’s rain is poised to help change that. As it keeps raining, more and more wild animals and plants will grow and evolve faster.

That’s; the plants and trees will grow bigger and taller as they compete for the best sunlight spots, and their roots will keep growing deeper and deeper into the ground to reach the underground rivers for more water and nutrients. Hence the trees and plants in Namibia will now likely turn Namibia into a rain forest country faster than perhaps previously ever expected or imagined for that matter.

And as the rain continues to pour down; then trees and plants will continue to grow bigger and taller, so as wild animals. They now have more water and food, and when there’s more food for them, so as their mating activities are increasing – hence more baby animals and baby birds in just a few months.

It’s a new ecosystem in the making; more plants, more animals, more birds, and even new animals and birds from elsewhere could migrate to Namibia, hence perhaps more new animal and bird species could be found in Namibia in years to come.

Now, amid the devastating effects from the flood in the North; the rain tends to make more people want to stay in bed longer; and as more and more people stay in their beds, so as more sexual activities among humans in Namibia will increase as well; and so as HIV and STDs. Thus, in about 8 – 10 months, Namibia could experience more human babies; hence an exponential eruption of population increase could take place in Namibia, or perhaps more HIV and STDs infections if they don’t protect themselves better.

All of these could simply mean more unexpected government spending in social welfare programs and services, but not only for humans this time, but also for animals and birds.

And this would cause to change the entire Namibia’s preset National Development Plans and Fiscal Budget for the year 2011 – 2015.

However, above all of that; there’s good news due to the economic ripple effects from the Groot Town Center ecosystem, which when is fully implemented within 3 years, it will be able to aid the government in meeting its social welfare programs and services, more efficiently and perhaps not as much as it would have otherwise if it was never been implemented.

Or perhaps; God simply forgot to turn the rain off for Namibia? And if so, it could rain like this until the next rain season. Then Namibia certainly becomes like the US and Europe. Which is cool in a way.


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