Chinese Contractors in Namibia, Your Time is Now!

What would be the state of the Chinese contractors and the Namibian construction employees employed by the Chinese companies in Namibia upon when we start with our construction activities for Groot Town Center in Namibia?

Our research has discovered that some, if not all, the construction workers currently employed by the Chinese construction companies in Namibia feel that their work conditions and compensation must improve.

However, for as long as the current unemployment rate in Namibia remains high, then those unfavorable working conditions experienced among the construction employees in Chinese companies will also remain the same.

But, when we start with our construction activities for Groot Town Center in July 2011, then there would be more opportunities for decent paying jobs, hence this will create a competitive marketplace for the construction companies to improve their workplace and conditions as well as raise the wages and compensation for their construction employees.

This simply means, that; as our construction activities target to hire more employees, those employed in other construction jobs such as in this case, Chinese companies in Namibia, would also likely to leave their current jobs and come join our construction jobs. And that would cause a little headache for any, if not all the projects, currently being undertaken by the Chinese companies to possibly come to a stand still.

And for the Chinese companies to continue retaining employees, they would have to match the new market salary and compensation packages as well as improve their workplace. Just so they can retain their workforce in order to continue with their construction activities.

If not, their projects will become white elephants as employees will flock away from them to our development.

In the end; the workplace within the construction industry in Namibia will improve for better which will benefit the workers; employees.

The overall efficiency and productivity will go up as well.

Our Groot Town Center development is creating a competitive marketplace (workplace) which aims to help improve the working standard and condition for the Namibian construction workers.

This is good for Namibia, this is good for the Namibian people.

In other simple words: Chinese contractors in Namibia, your time is up; it’s time to pay your workers better and improve your workplace.


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