Groot Town Center Construction Jobs, Please Help!

We are gearing up to begin with the construction of our Groot Town Center Phase One in the Kunene Region.

There are major construction projects within this Phase to be carried out by different independent contractors and service providers whom we have contracted to do the work for our ecosystem; such as the construction of an 180km from Outjo and Otavi to Groot Town Center to turn it into a 6-lane express highway by an Ondangwa-based company; construction of 15,000 new luxury houses by a Windhoek-based company and 5,000 apartments at Groot by a Windhoek-based company, construction of a 900 MWe Gas Power Station in the South by US-based companies, and then the construction of Groot Town Center Phase One by a South African-based company.

And we still have more than 59 different projects to develop. These construction jobs don’t include those by our SME’s Service Providers such as for the Cleaning and Ground Keeping of Groot Town Center; Debushing, Clearing and Leveraging of the Land; Security Services; Landscaping and Gardening of Groot Town Center, Etc.

For any of these construction jobs, we don’t directly make any decisions about who to hire who, or for what jobs, but we can make recommendations to our contractors and vendors.

These are major projects to be undertaken by a private and young company in the history of Namibia, and this is a lot of work to manage.

We hope to work and receive any technical help and advice that can help us efficiently manage the construction of these projects from offices such as the National Planning Commission, National Youth Service of Namibia, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Office of the President, Office of the Prime Minister, etc., for any advice, if any, especially how to reach and have our vendors recruit the youths, who are mostly affected by the high rate of unemployment.

We are grateful to have Standard Bank of Namibia and other local and international private firms to provide us with technical assistance and funding, however, we are looking for a more major role by the above mentioned government offices and agencies. We also welcome any other advice or whatever from anyone else, locally or regionally, in order to make the construction of these project as smooth as possible.

We plan and hope (if there are no more technical issues such as licenses and or permits that could hinder our timetable) to begin with the construction of all these projects on July 1, 2011.

Roughly, we estimate that by end of 2011, we could have more than 30,000 construction workers working on the above mentioned projects and more than 80,000 workers by 2012. Work with us to help put our people back to work and boost our economy.

Groot Town Center Phase One is expected to open on December 1, 2012.

More info on leasing and living at Groot, see and


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