Flood in Northern Namibia Causing Severe Hunger By 2013?

We as humans, are only 4% different from Chimpanzees. Part of what separates us from the Chimps is our bigger brains. In our Genomes, we are 96% similar to Chimps, however, we can think and do things unlike the Chimps. In that case, every problem, no matter how big it is, there’s a solution for it. Unless if we simply stop thinking and being creative and become like Chimps.

For me, as a world-class academia; being a PhD student in a social science field, I will use my thinking and creative ability, as complemented by my friends and partners around the world to implement our biggest solution for the biggest socioeconomic problems that are currently ravaging Namibia.

Some of these are; high rate of unemployment, big gap of unequal wealth (income) distribution, unskilled workforce, poor healthcare system, and more.

And the flood in the North, which has been ravaging the Northern area for the past 4-5 years, is just making things worse. Possibly within the next 2-3 years, it could cause Namibia to face an extreme hunger and severe starvation for the Northern regions.

This is due to the fact that; the people in the North, who literary depend on their field crops and harvests for survival, they generally eat what I may refer to as; LIFO (“last in, first out”), this is an accounting term; meaning that for example this year, they are living off of what they had produced in 2009, whereas for the 2010 produce is still in their storage facilities, and they will live off of that in 2011.

Because for the year 2011, the flood has damaged most, if not all of their crops, then in 2013 they will not have anything to eat, hence the hunger and starvation will strike the Northern part of Namibia.

And if you look at the current rate of unemployment, most of the unskilled adult youths in the North have flocked to city centers in search of work, but there’s none. And for those who have jobs, they earn little salary and meager wages, not enough to sustain themselves and maintain their families who have been ravaged by the flood.

This is a bigger problem that needs a bigger solution, and that’s the Groot Town Center ecosystem.

Again, we are humans, not Chimps. We can think, we can do stuff and achieve bigger things, we have the ability to make things happen, we can make “Big Dreams” come true if we put our thinking ability to good and creative use, unlike our closes cousins, the Chimps. Unless if we simply stop thinking up to the level of our noses.

Today, with money, you can have the world’s best engineers with the world’s best technology to make the biggest things happen, fast. Nothing is impossible.

Wait for my complete analytical research article based on my last week trip to the North-flooded area.


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