Wanna Get Rich Fast in a Developing Economy? Join a Political Party!

PERHAPS I will never get to fully understand this; small developing economies, mostly in Africa, generally have gazillions of political parties, while large developed economies, generally in the West, have on an average two political party systems. WHY?

Oh, I forgot, no one wants to be ruled by the other; and if you want to get rich fast in Africa, then what’s the best option other than starting your own political party, and then win a few seats in the parliament so you too can enjoy generous luxurious perks generally granted to the MPs?

On an average; such as in the US, if you are not already rich, meaning, if you have not already have made it on your own, chances are that no one will vote for you. You have to be already successful in your personal career and endeavor before you are entrusted to be elected in a general election in order to hold a public office, but only based on your own merit.

Whereas in developing economies, a dead poor someone can simply come from a rural area someone; perhaps with some good government or political connections on the top, then eventually is enclosed within a political party which will likely guarantee his or her election for a public office, and then that’s where he/she will be chopping up the dough.

Because, in most of the developing economies, individual people don’t run for public offices based on their own merit, they join political parties and then they are perhaps appointed to be included in the election. And since only the political party runs, and not the individual person, then whoever is in that party’s election, he or she’s guaranteed to win if the party wins.

Unlike in large two-party political systems, where you, as an individual candidate has to sweat it out, campaigning on your own, until you win the primaries before the party on which you belong can recognize you as their sole candidate in that specific election.

Only your individual merit, not your political party, will get you elected in an office.

Is this the DEmocRACY?


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