No More Electricity Import for Namibia

Electricity needs in Namibia is a matter of national urgency. And with the recent earthquake in Japan which has brought and caused developed nations to review their Nuclear Power Plants, with Germany reporting yesterday that it will shut down its Nuclear Power Plants, this has caused electricity need in Namibia to be urgently reviewed.

However, Namibia’s reliance for electricity import from South Africa is about to end. For the first time in the history of Namibia, Namibia will have its own electricity Power Generation Plant.

We, at Groot Property Group (Pty) Ltd, have now completed the phase process needed for the development of our 800 MWe+ Gas Fired-Power Station in the South of Namibia; the next Phase is to design, build, and feed adequate electricity to Namibia; and in about 13 months, Namibia will no longer import electricity from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia and DRC.

We have and are bringing together all the relevant parties including scientists, engineers, investors, Natural Gas suppliers, electricity distributors, and regulatory agencies with a budget of up to US$900 million to make this Power Plant happen fast and ready for operational before we open Phase One of our multifarious ecosystem development, Groot Town Center.

Namibia currently consumes about 400 MWe, or about 3.2 TW (2009) annually. The Groot Town Center ecosystem will consume about 400 MWe. Hence the development of our 800+ MWe Gas Power Plant will enable to supply adequate and reliable electricity for our ecosystem development as well as to feed the electricity surplus to the entire country of Namibia.

For the first time in the history of Namibia, Namibia will produce its own electricity. And that should reduce electricity cost and fees in Namibia at least by 30%.

About 80% of the rural area in Namibia doesn’t have electricity; it’s too expensive. Well, in just a matter of 13 months, that should be no longer the case.

And in about 6 years, we will build a 6,000 MWe Power Station in Namibia using advanced, efficient, non-radioactive, safer, cleaner technology, and this will further cut down the cost of electricity in Namibia at least by 60%, and make Namibia able to supply electricity to its neighboring countries at the cost cheaper than what they pay for to produce their own.

People of Namibia, please work with us, support us; what we are doing is for our country, our people, our government. Help us to make this happen. We have the skills, expertise, knowledge, technology, and the resources; all we need is your full support.

Together, united as one, we can do the impossible, which will benefit the whole country of Namibia; from the South to the North, and East to the West; for all of us, Namibians, and our neighboring friends.

7 thoughts on “No More Electricity Import for Namibia

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  2. What ever happened to the efforts to your the Epupa Waterfalls to make a hydro-electricity plant?

  3. @Mac Vii, sorry but we never proposed to do a hydro-electricity plant anywhere in Namibia let alone in Epupa. If there’s such a proposal, it’s not by us.

    But thanks for reading and for the comment.

  4. @Simon, it might not by your agency or company, but the Namibian Government (and or NamPower) has once considered opening a hydroelectric plant along the Kunene River. There were negotiation talks with Angola since we share the border.

  5. Oh ok @Mac Vii; however, hydroelectricity is not the most efficient source of energy generating. And is also one of the most expensive vs. other sources.

  6. True that Simon, and since Namibia has uranium, instead of shipping it to Iran (where it might be used to make plutonium bombs), we could make our own nuclear plant, in a secure location. But the advantage of a hydroelectric plant is that it’s renewable, green and safe compared to nuclear power, especially after the Japan crisis, safety is the next concern…

  7. Perhaps you have not been paying attention; since the awful disaster in Japan’s Earthquake, the world has started to rethink about nuclear power plants; even Germany has officially announced that it’s abandoning its nuclear power plants within 7 years. And France which depends 70% on nuclear power plant to power its country is also rethinking its alternative.

    Namibia’s economy cannot afford to support the after effects of having a nuclear power plant as the source of electrifying the country. It’s not good for Namibia, and it’s definitely not good for the Namibian people for Namibia to go nuclear power plant. Even Japan, the country with the most advanced technology cannot even solely diffuse its nuclear power plant crisis. What if that was about Namibia?

    I’m certain; this comment above was designed specifically to test my stance with the Namibia’s plan to go Nuclear Power Plant by 2018. But I will post my comment thereto as it follows;

    There is a far better new technology which is far better safer, more efficient, easy and cheaper to make, cleaner and does not produce radioactive, in fact, it consumes its own radioactive waste.

    We cannot afford for Namibia to go Nuclear Power Plant, even South Africa is considering having an option for its Cape Town Power Plant.

    Our plan, with the support of the Namibian government, initially, we are building our 800+ MWe Gas-fired Power Plant, and then in about 5 years, by working closely and with the full support and permission of the Namibian government, we implement the development of our 6,000MWe Power Plant using this new technology.

    This will enable Namibia to become the producer and exporter of electricity at the most affordable in the region of SADC, and that should bring down the cost of electricity throughout Namibia, both in rural and urban center at least by 60%.

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