Obama vs. Gadhafi and the Quagmire of Britain and France Skywar

A pool of Republican presidential hopefuls have been sprinkling up recently concerning Obama’s authorization to engage in the Libyan’s Quagmire of the no-fly-zone war.

Donald Trump is one of those conservative republicans, who also is considering running for the Presidency in 2012. He too has been very vocal against Obama’s decision to get the US engaged in the Libya’s crisis.

Among the liberal democrats, you have a few such as Dennis Kucinich, who’s also criticizing Obama, and he too is again considering running for the US Presidency. He’s been doing so, running for the Presidency, since the moon moved up in the sky.

Basically, you have more republicans, especially those who are Presidential candidate hopefuls throwing in their say so in order to score political points.

That’s what they do, it’s all about scoring points with the voters.

Amid all of these, let’s look at what happened in Tunisia; the citizens demanded change in government leadership, and the Tunisian President peacefully stepped down. So as in Egypt. In Libya, Gadhafi did the opposite.

As citizens started to get louder and louder, he started shoot-to-kill and firing at them with warplanes, etc. The rest is history.

In the US, the price of oil was approaching $5 a gallon, and that’s not good for the US. Hence Obama had to do something. The US pressured the UN to pass that resolution claiming that Gadhafi is killing his own people, hence he must be stopped.

There are 3 African member countries, namely  Nigeria, South Africa and Gabon, on the UN security council for this year who also voted for the tabulated “no fly-zone” UN resolution; with the majority voted for the “no-fly” zone in Libya to help protect the citizens from Gadhafi’s warplanes. China and Russia excused themselves from voting, this time China didn’t threaten to veto, as it usually does such as the case of Darfur.

Obama and his allies went to enforce the “no fly zone”, but Gadhafi continued to pound his people. So we have the skywar.

All in all, there were people who died in Rwanda, Darfur, DRC, etc., but nothing was done immediately by the international communities in order to help stop those genocides. But for Libya, it’s a different story, perhaps because of that escalation in the price of crude oil.

So, what’s the actual rational explanation for the Libyan skywar and civil war? Should we blame Gadhafi no matter what he has done, or perhaps not has done, for his country during all of his 42 years in power? Or should we blame Obama for going there to enforce that excuse of “no fly zone”?

Which lives are more valuable? The ones for the people of Darfur, DRC, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Afghanistan, or which ones?


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