Past Work Experience and Academic Achievement vs. Personable Personality for Getting Your Dream Job

Mistakes that most people make when preparing and going for job interviews is that they base their confidence more from their past work and academic achievement. And, that’s purely wrong.

When I consider hiring anyone for any position, I equally consider both the person’s past work experience and academic background, but most importantly, I look for the personality. It doesn’t matter how much experience and academic achievement you have attained, if your personality (attitudes) stinks, then your whole resume and any possibilities of getting hired are just a dud.

Stinky personality, I meant, don’t be cocky, too overly confidence, or displaying low self-esteem. Just be yourself. When preparing for the job interview, don’t memorize what they may or not ask, or be nervous of what or how to answer their questions. Just be yourself, and answer only the questions as asked. Read between the lines, look at their body language, facial expressions, and eye movements.

If he/she asks you a question, and you start answering it and then, he/she starts moving around, moving papers, reading a text message or typing on the computer, meaning not seems to pay any attention to whatever you are saying, then that’s an indication to stop talking. You are just rumbling too much irrelevant information, and that shows that he/she has no interest in whatever you are saying.

Don’t tell what they don’t ask. Answer the questions just as asked, and pay close attention to how they stare at you as you start speaking. Just tell the story of your life, personal, professional, or academic, just as you know it well, yourself. No one knows you more and better than yourself. Only answer what they ask, make it short, sweet, and straight to the point.

Overall and most importantly, think carefully what to say and how to say it, before you open your mouth to answer the question. But, don’t take too long while you are thinking how to answer the question. Be smart, be calm, be collective, and be creative by reading from their body movements and expressions, and then excite him or her with what you want him or her to hear and know more about you.

Lastly, and very important. When you walk in his or her office, make that office environment to suit you, so you can be comfortable and less nervous. As you enter the office, look around the office, most of the times, he or she has some pictures on his or her desk; perhaps some family photos, or whatever pictures on his or her desk.

Those items on his or her desk can tell you a lot about his or her personality. If the pictures are family photos, then you know that he or she’s a family oriented person, and try to capitalize on that by, as soon as you walk in the office, mention the pictures by complimenting them and then relate to yourself. If you are a family person, then also briefly mention your family. Bosses like to know that you are a family person, because that shows stability and consistency in your personal relationship, social life, and characteristics.

If there are no photos on the desk, then look at the office view, or just find anything that may be of interest to you. May be look through the office window or whatever stands out in that office and then mention it in complement. Doing this at the very beginning of the interview helps you to break the ice, and make his or her office environment suit you, and then use that to your advantage by being less nervous, and that enables you to answer comfortably any questions that he or she may ask.

Don't show up like this!

In summary, don’t memorize what questions they may ask, simply be yourself, calm and collective, and answer only what you are asked.

Stop rumbling words when they start yawning, staring at your breasts, scratching their heads or his crotch (you may want to walk out right then if that happens) or if he or she starts looking around with no sign of interest in whatever you are saying.

And if you are religious, it doesn’t hurt to say a little prayer for God to speak for you, through you so you can answer what they want to hear and that God may open their ears, so they can better comprehend whatever you are saying to them.

It’s the job that you want, go get it!


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