Aaron Kelly, the Next American Idol Winner for Season 9

American Idol, Season 9, there are few promising acts, but one who stands out right now is Aaron Kelly, the 16-year old singing sensation. I’m “guesstting” on him as the next American Idol winner for season 9.

Aaron Kelly is likeable, naturally talented, and he’s good-looking (cute), thus there will be lots of young girls, groupies, from all across America voting and cheering for him to the end.

A good singer is when you take any song and make it your own, meaning that you don’t sing it exactly as the original, you actually take it and add your sweetness to it without messing it up.

And Aaron Kelly got that. He can sing almost any song and make it sound even better, amid that he feels comfortable enough to stand up there looking at Ellen DeGeneres and Simon Cowell and Company, and only if he has confidence in himself. But, as the show goes on, he will start to feel it, the groove, and get used to be on the stage. He will develop into a mega singing sensation. Thus, he’s my pick, as of today, February 24th, 2010, Arron Kelly is the next American Idol Winner.

Another guy to watch for is Michael Lynche. He almost has the same qualities as Aaron Kelly. He’s charming and likeable (or feared), but too bad he’s married, not too many young ladies will vote for him, but they may because he portrays to be a good father, but he’s not as good as Aaron Kelly.

Other contestants to look out for are; Jermain Sellers, Haeley Vaughn (the Mickey Mouse country wanna be young lady), and Crystal Bowersox. Crystal is definitely someone also to look out for, she and Aaron will make it to the top, her being the runner-up.

Now, for all of you, there’s only one way to win the American Idol or any other ruthless singing contests, and that is; if your mother tells you that you can sing, then don’t even go try out, because that means you can’t sing, nada, nicht, niks, nothing. If your mom, encourages you to go try out for a singing contest, what she’s really telling you is that, you can’t sing a note, and you will only make yourself look like a fool. Just don’t go making yourself to look like a complete fool, moron, dork, insane, crazy (well, you got the point) if your mom tells you to go try out for a singing contest.

Do you think, if you were the most ugliest person in the world that your mother would actually tell you the truth? She will always see you as the most good-looking, gorgeous, beautiful, and cute, even when you actually look like a monster. So, always do what your parents (mom) tell you to do, but just don’t go try out for a singing contest, especially if she’s your only fan.


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