My Master of Liberal Arts in Finance at Harvard

This past week, I’ve been compiling tons of documents for my admissions application to Harvard University Extension School for my MLA in Finance. I am excited about it and can’t wait to start my classes on January 25th, 2010. The good thing is that all of the courses, except 6 core courses, have an option to do them online, and only the 6 ones must be done on campus.

This gives me an ample time to continue with my current activities, and still be able to do my online classes. The average time frame to complete this degree program is generally 3 years, but because I have most of the GECs already done at OSU as part of my Economics program, I am hoping to complete my MLA degree program in a year and half.

Just wish me luck please; I personally value a good and quality education more than anything else. I still believe as I always have that a good education is the key to almost everything, just look at Barack Obama. In reality, life can be so simple and easy living for almost everyone, if one only listens to his or her parents; go, stay, and finish college, then eventually get a good paying job that fulfills one’s needs and wants, then everything else in life eventually just gets better.


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