The 5 Secret Factors to Winning the Amazing Race Reality TV Show

CBS Amazing Race TV show

The Amazing Race reality TV show is one of the best, and most entertaining TV shows, whose grand prize is one million dollar.

But there are only five secret factors you need to embody in order to win The Amazing Race reality TV show, and these are; 

1. Body
2. Mind
3. Spirit
4. Luck
5. Beauty 

Body – you have to be able to physically compete; by completing several physical activities which require you to be able to run, jump. climb, and move around. So, if you are out of shape or flat-out fat; flabby, then The Amazing Race show is surely not for you. 

Mind – you have to be able to mentally outsmart your competitors; by sometimes being able to mathematically, scientifically, geographically, or otherwise employ your educated guess to out maneuver your fiercely co-contestants. If you are scholarly dumb, failed at all your ABC reading and 1+1 math classes, then The Amazing Race TV show is definetely not for you. 

Spirit – you have to be able to spiritually maintain composure, patience, be calm, and be sportsman like in order to be able to get along with your co-contestants and not freaking out each time you lose a task, like how Ericka Dunlap was freaking out each time she and her husband Brian Kleinschmidt lost a task in the Amazing Race Season 15. If you are maniac and crazy derange, who can’t compose your spirit to help you relax and calm yourself down when things don’t go the way you want them to, then  the Amazing Race is dead-right not for you. 

Luck – you simply need luck to complete all your tasks before everybody else, and that makes you the winner of the Amazing Race show and the million dollar prize. 

Beauty – if you are not good-looking enough, I mean if you are not tantalizing gorgeous, meaning if you are just plain symmetrical ugly, then forget it, you will never win any reality TV show, anywhere. Ok, I am exaggerating a bit here. I just added this #5 factor just to list 5 and not 4 secret factors to winning The Amazing Race TV show. 

Generally, you can look any way you are and still win any show. But honestly, can you really win a reality TV show anywhere, if you’re generally just plain ugly, I mean if your physical appearance is just not attractive, I mean, you never had anybody complementing how you look, beside your mom? 

So, if you are even slightly thinking or planning on trying out for The Amazing Race reality TV show, you MUST make sure you are amusingly amazingly blessedly endowed with all of the above listed 5 factors, with the exception of #5, but then again #5 could be an advantage too. 

Bonus – now, go and get ticked off at, express and share your flurries of frustration or happiness about how your man or woman drives you insane or excites you. It will make you feel a lot better.


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