Men Tick Me Off, OMG… on

“Men tick me off, OMG!” Certainly some, if not all the women out there, have said that to themselves or their friends.

Ticked.meA new microblogging site ( is launching this month, which lets users express and share their flurries on almost everything about men or women that drive them crazy.

Similar sites such as VentNation lets users vent on the things, almost everything, that bother them. You can say that even Twitter, Yammer, etc., also let users express themselves in the same way, except these sites tend to focus more on the general stuff, other than on a specific issue, and because of so many categories, these sites tend to bury a lot of the users posted updates.

However, exclusively lets users to chant about their inner thoughts on the things about men or women that make them just want to scream or pull their hair off.

Historically, similar sites have not been able to gain much traction, but with the current wave of social network tools, there might be a space for these kinds of web sites.

Only time will tell how or other similar sites may turn out. But it is suffice to say that it’s fun to read what or how women (or men) feel about each other, in general. After all, it may help someone else learn more on how to deal with his or her personal relationship.

Disclaimer: I’m the founder of


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