Mark Ndesandjo Obama, President Obama’s Unknown Half Brother?

Mark Ndesandjo, one of President Barack Obama's half-siblings, attends a news conference for his new book "Nairobi to Shenzhen" with the background written "Obama" in Chinese characters,  in Guangzhou, southern city of China Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2009. President Barack Obama's half brother in China has broken his silence with the media to discuss his new novel _ a semi-autobiographical story of self discovery and love that provides a detailed portrait of his abusive father. In his first interview, Mark Ndesandjo told The Associated Press that one of the reasons why he wrote the book, "Nairobi to Shenzhen," was to raise awareness of domestic violence.  (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)

Mark Ndesandjo Obama (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)

During President Obama’s visit to China this week, he stopped between his meetings to meet up and have lunch with his half-brother, Mark Ndesandjo Obama, who lives in China, so reports Yahoo News and CNN.

During the 2008 presidential election campaign, there was little mentioned of Mark Obama. In fact, there is not much information on the Internet about Mark Obama. Is it because he lives in China and China was Internet censored in the past?

There is however a Twitter account; @MarkObama, but I am not sure if that’s actually his real account. Another Twitter account I found is @Ndesandjo, and also I am not sure if that’s his account. It would be interesting if either one of those are his.

Just like their father who studied Economics at Harvard University, and President Obama who studied at Columbia University and then Law at Harvard Law School, Mark Obama studied Physics at Brown University and Stanford University and an eMBA at Emory University (Yahoo! News). I think most of President Obama’s siblings have also studied at some of the finest universities in the world.

That’s pretty good for a guy (the father) from Kenya. It’s amazing how determination, dedication, hard work, and a good education can help transform someone, change a family, and the community.

When Mr. Obama came from Kenya to study at Harvard, he probably never realized what he was about to do, transforming his family into a powerful dynasty, and even though he was not present in raising his kids, that’s exactly what happened after his son got elected to the most powerful office in the world, the Office of the Presidency of the United States.


One thought on “Mark Ndesandjo Obama, President Obama’s Unknown Half Brother?

  1. Fathers who do not live up to their responsibilities when married or not and those who resort to abusing their wife and children are losers. The best revenge to be nothing like them and not follow in their pathetic footsteps, instead become a success.

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