A Change of Politics Coming to Namibia; SWAPO or the Rally for Democracy?

As the general election is coming near, in Namibia, and all of you are looking and deciding who to elect as the new President, please do so with an open mind.

I am assuming that most of you that are reading this blog, or on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, are mostly those of you, who were born around the late 1980’s and or early 1990’s.

So, the stories about the apartheid system and oppression may only be known to you because of what you have been told or read in school. And now, you look at certain issues and then you think that everything is going so wrong. That SWAPO as the ruling party has done this wrong or hasn’t done enough. But from an outside point of view, Namibia is one of the best countries in the world, and only four of the best in Africa, Botswana, Ghana, and South Africa being the other, with great political stability, economic fast growth, and steady rising per capita income.

Some of those things that you feel your current leaders may not be doing fast enough are just minor politics, which happen everywhere. It’s not always the ministers or government officials that must hold those elected in power accountable, but the people themselves. And you, the people, must hold those you elect responsible and accountable, and you can surely do so through your writings and speaking up. Complete transparency is only achieved through people, but only when everyone is involved in the process.

As US President Kennedy once said; “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. In short, that simply means that don’t just sit back and wait for the government to do everything for you. You have to initiate and do whatever it is that you want to achieve in your life, without solely waiting for the government to do it for you.

And regardless, Namibia is a great place to live; one of only a few places where you guys, since after independence in 1990 have grown up and are still growing up without war (the Caprivi case was just a little ditch compared to what could have happened to the whole country). So, Pohamba and Company, must be doing something good because they have continued to make Namibia a great place to live.

There are many things in regard to economically and politically growth that must happen in order to help make a country an even better place for all, and it won’t happen over night not even after 20 years; it has taken the US nearly 200 years, so give your current leaders your utmost support; create and write blogs; or news columns, and speak up.

They are listening, even when you think they are not. If you see or experience that something is wrong, call them up, ask to speak to them and tell them what you think. They will pick up the phone and speak to you. Or write to them. You just have to stop standing on the side line, complaining about issues, but are not doing anything to help effect good governance.

For a Namibian born living in the States, I’m very happy with how the government of Namibia is running. The only bad thing that could happen from here is, if someone else comes to power and starts acting like some of other African leaders, who may cause discomfort, and interrupt the current flow of peace and stability in the country.

Look back and think; since 1990, you have enjoyed nothing but complete tranquility, peace, and prosperity, and then decide, go out, and vote with a clear mind whether you want to keep the same process of peace, economic growth and progress going forward strong.


6 thoughts on “A Change of Politics Coming to Namibia; SWAPO or the Rally for Democracy?

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  2. I wish your effort was spend on activities to promote social and economic development as well as political pluralism in Namibia. What is wrong with our obsession with praising and rewarding Sam Nujoma?

    The peace, tranquility, and political stability should be credited to peace loving Namibians not to any political party or individual in Namibia, particularly not Sam Nujoma. To the administrators of this page, your reasons are extremely selective and you forgot to mention that under Sam Nujoma leadership during the liberation struggle people were abducted, tortured, and killed in Swapo camps in Angola.

    Also, the economic progress that you are talking about in Namibia is not well distributed. Under 15 years of Sam Nujoma’s presidency, Namibia became the most highly unequal country in the world. Remember that Namibia is a country with a population of about 2 million, and somehow, the government is unable to distribute the resources equitable or provide the necessary infrastructures and effective and efficient institution so that people can build capacities to provide basic needs to their families.

    Hunger, malnutrition, poverty, unemployment, poor education has become common in Namibia under the presidency of Sam Nujoma. We have to understand our own history and economics situation in Namibia in terms of the freedom that people enjoy in our country. How many people are free to eat 3 times a day in Namibia? How many families are adequately sheltered and children well clothed and attending better school with better teachers? Please, stop this nonsense about Sam Nujoma’s credits towards our independence and post independence development.

    How many people were killed in the Kavango region of being suspected of UNITA collaborators by our army forces under the command of Sam Nujoma. Sam Nujoma committed our troops to Congo DRC to military back and support a government that came to power by military force – Laurent Kabila was not democratically elected.

    Corruption and mismanagement of public assets and resources has been developing in Namibia under the watchful eye of Sam Nujoma. There are numerous presidential commission established during Sam Nujoma’s tenure to investigated allegations of wrong doings in our government and none of the finding have been made public so far.

    The numbers of grade 10 and 12 failures have been ever increasing since the current education system was instituted under the presidency of Sam Nujoma. Our education system continues to fail young people, and the Sam Nujoma government has failed for 15 years to revamp the education system and produce learners that are competent and pass their grade 10 and 12. We cannot blame the learners, the education system is failing them.

    Sam Nujoma is xenophobic, he hates, gays, whites, and lesbians. The Nobel Peace Price have a vigorous and strict criteria, unfortunately, Sam Nujoma does not meet the standard. Unlike in Namibia, where we have awarded him with stadium names, street names, movies, chancellor of UNAM, international unrecognized tittles, presidential office, and retirement package in millions with workers and attendants – no international recognized body at the level of Nobel Peace Price will recognize him. The Ibrahmi Mo Foundation, Price for Achievement in African Leadership could not even award Sam Nujoma their prize. Festus Mogae of Botwana and Joaquim Chissano of Mozambique won the price. Creator and administrators of this group! Please do yourself a favor and read Legacies of Power: Leadership Change and Former Presidents in African Politics.

    Fellow Namibians, I suggest that we employ the power of the Internet and recruit it to fight: poverty, unemployment, poor education, alcoholism, women and child abuse, HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, and malnutrition. Namibians are peace loving people and they should be praised and no party or individual should be credited for the tranquility that we enjoy. If the current social and economic misery continues, it is going to cause a disruption of our peace. People will turn to unpeaceful means as they try to lay claim to the resources that the few elite have looted under the leadership of Sam Nujoma.

  3. Thanks for your “positive” analysis. It may be more credible to write down your name instead of posting your comment Anonymously. Then again, on the Internet, you’re never so anonymous, only to the readers. Please keep writing, but is there anything good happening in Namibia then, because your comment illustrates to the readers that it seems as though that nothing good is happening in Namibia.

  4. Mr group creator go make a research for the requirements of the nobel prize. Sam Nuyoma will not qualify

  5. Dear Simon

    Greeting and good wishes 2010

    I am so glade when l read about your on lnternet ,what you are doing for our blesed Global there in ‘US`is of a good epsode especial when it come to your responsess on the isue of Election November 19,2009 at 1: 11 pm one can see you realy true African by born and an American by resdenstial.

    from Mr Thomas
    Founder/ Director
    Vosinno Charity Organization

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