Could the Balloon Boy Be a Pathetic Hoax?

PROVED: (October 17, 2009; 8:23 PM ET): My initial analysis, as listed far below, on this whole thing has turned out to be precisely right. is reporting now that “Charges are expected to be filed in the Colorado balloon case in the near future” (Read More at

UPDATES: (October 16, 2009; 5:58 PM ET):  As it turns out, this could be a sick hoax, for a parent to use a kid for a 15 minutes of self-promotional fame. However, it’s being reported that Colorado’s Larimer County Sheriff James Alderden sees no hoax in the balloon boy Falcon. Based on everything (read below), then it is possible that Sheriff Alderden may be working with Richard and Mayumi Heene for a possible personal gain, pay-off. Because none of it makes sense. And that’s why, it’s very important that the law enforcement brings in a new investigation team to forensically look into this bizarre event.

INITIAL POST: (October 16, 2009; 12:33 AM ET): The family, whose son was thought to have floated away in a helium balloon today, has been in the reality TV show, Wife Swap. According to (read more here or read it here), Richard and Mayumi Heene and their three sons were featured on the ABC show “Wife Swap,” in which the mothers of two often opposite families switch places for two weeks.

Based on their home videos as shown on CNN today, it shows as though the family tends to like being in front of the camera. And that could possibly mean that the dramatic events with their son thought to have been accidentally floated away in the helium balloon could have been a tactical and purposely staged hoax to help place them in the center of the media and more cameras, which is what has transpired all day, today.

It doesn’t make sense. If the boy was playing outside while his dad was filling up the balloon, how did he end up hiding in the attic all that time when everybody was looking for him? What was he doing up there in the attic all that time?

Every parent generally knows where his or her kids usually play, and if their attic is also their playground, then that should also had been the first place they should have looked.


The Heene family appeared on two episodes of ABC's "Wife Swap."

If this ends up to be a hoax, which I am certain it will, then severe charges and fines should be inflicted upon the mother and father, Richard and Mayumi, which should include child endangerment.

All the resources and manpower were put to use today in the search of the boy, while the father and mother might have purposely known where their son was all along.

Some people would do almost anything just to get their 15 minutes of fame, even when there are children involved, let alone when everybody else is caused to panic and worry about the possible fate of the boy.

If this ends up as what I think it would be, then this has to be an awful sick hoax and Richard and Mayumi would have to be the most senseless pathetic parents in the world. I hope I am wrong about this.

Someone needs to really look into this, because it just doesn’t make sense.

6 thoughts on “Could the Balloon Boy Be a Pathetic Hoax?

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  2. and it turns out he probably is. The CNN interview has the 6 year old ‘Falcon’ saying to his Dad that he thought they were doing it for a TV show and the Dad can’t explain to the interviewer why he would say that. Pathetic, but highly unique.

  3. It seems implausible to believe the family actually say one of the children video taped the 6 year old child getting into that jiffy pop balloon contraption with a supposed cardboard bottom and he could somehow be able to secure himself inside of it?? If the boy’s weight is between 40-45 lbs.and the speed of the balloon is traveling @ approximately 25 miles per hr in a 2 hour span at an elevation exceeding 500′ in the air and it finally lands around 50 miles from the home the scientist father logically explain exactly how he woud believe his son could have been inside of it? It truly defys logic and sounds like a publicity stunt or hoax of some sort. It is most unfortunate for parents to involve small children in dangerous activities, such as storm chasing, mommie swapping and bogus balloon mischief.

  4. I like to think this whole thing was just everyone reacting in a panic. I have two children 4 and 5 myself, and i truly felt for this couple hoping for the safety of there young boy Falcon. This whole story is so odd and i felt relief to see he was safe, but still we all just wonder how the child was gone for such a long period of time without nothing to drink, no food, no bathroom i mean young children do not go to a place like that for a period of time and be very quiet like that, I could be wrong but i guess i do all that i can to know right where my kids are. I really hope this calms down for the family and i hope it was just an honest mistake.

  5. After I’ve read and watched the CNN’s video clip in which the young boy, Falcon, answering CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that the reason why he didn’t come out of the attic when they were calling his name was because he [the boy] knew that they ‘did it for the show’ and by looking at how embarrassed Richard appeared thereafter, is an adamant admission that the whole thing was cooked-up, a well planned family’s media “attention-getter”. The worse thing s that they are using the boy. I hope Child Protective Services also gets involved to investigate a possible child abuse and endangerment. [Simon]

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