CBS Evening News: Afghanistan, the Road Ahead

On October 2, 2009, I wrote and posted an analytical blog article (read it here) about the next possible phase of the war in Afghanistan. And today, October 6, 2009, the CBS Evening News entirely focused on the war in Afghanistan with news and  information seem to have been taken and expanded from my above stated article. See their news coverage here.

It’s nice to know that someone at CBS Evening News reads my blog, and I only wish that CBS Evening News could have attributed my writing or referrenced my article.

Obama as he meets with his top advisers, lawmakers, and generals, I believe he’s doing a good thing, thinking and analyzing everything thoroughly before he takes his next step. But the solution to end the war in Afghanistan is not to increase the US troops as Gen. McChrystal is asking, but to help politicize the Taliban into an unarmed political organization as my article states.

If Obama decides to increase the US troops in Afghanistan and continue to fight head to head with the Taliban, then this war will go on for another 12 years or more, without ever achieving the core objective; rooting out Osama bin Laden and his organization.

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