Obama, the Lying Pig Dictator?

This post is a response to a forum discussion, posted on Affluence.org, read it here, but login may be required.

Some people, like you, are just plain fools. They just don’t know when they have something that’s actually good or better, even if you hit them in the face with it. They voted for Bush, instead of Gore in 2000, and Kerry in 2004, and look at what we got, 8 years of practically nothing, but unnecessary Iraq war, which has helped sky-rocketing a mountain of our deficit, followed by this Great Recession.

Yes, I said it and I am saying it again, some people are plain fools, and stupid.

And now we have a president who is actually trying to do something about the mess that Dumbya has put us in, and then you have the nerve to call Obama “a lying pig dictator”. You’re all fools! At least he’s trying to do something about it.

If your wallet and bank accounts are left intact from this recession, that doesn’t mean everyone else is unaffected. There are people out there who are actually going through a lot, who have lost their jobs, homes, cars, and have mountains of debts, mostly because of what Dumbya did to the country in the last 8 years, which is nothing.

Yes, you’re all fools for thinking that “Obama is a lying pig”, when he’s actually doing everything he possibly can to help turn around our economy and put more people back to work.

If you got guts, read my previous blog post explaining this very same topic on here.

Open your eyes, fools, get out of your comfort zone and think about other people who are going through hell, primarily because of the last 8 years of nothing!


One thought on “Obama, the Lying Pig Dictator?

  1. You are a fool. You are following a man who lies every time his mouth is open and obviously never took a math class in his short, but, useless life. Barak is a communist. If you study world history at all you will know that communism never succeeds in anything other than oppression for the middle class. You are a fool and a moron, however, you are going to reap the consequence of your stupidity.
    So be it.

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