What the Heck is Ellen Degeneres Doing on American Idol?

Images via Freshnews.in

Images via Freshnews.in

Ellen Degeneres is a brilliant comedian and a good actress, but what experience in music does she have for her to be a judge on American Idol?

Oh, I forgot, she once produced an album for Bruce Springsteen and Lil’ Wayne. Well, I can see her being a judge elsewhere though, may be for the Amazing Race, oops, that doesn’t have judges. 

How about on America Got Talent? That would have been best for her to judge all those wonderful and talented contestants. But, American Idol? Have Simon Fuller and Simon Cowell gone completely insane?

I’m glad that Paula Abdul has left the show; she has become irrelevant, to the point that she was no longer any use to the show, but to replace Paula with Ellen? She’s is a great comedian but this would be the wrong show.

Great, now the American Idol show has three male judges, what a bipartisan panel…! It would be even better if Perez  Hilton joins the cast of Simon, Randy, and now Ellen, I mean, that would have helped equalize the gender issue.

39 thoughts on “What the Heck is Ellen Degeneres Doing on American Idol?

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  2. hi Ellen I love your shows and also you this is the first time i am writing you but it is not the first time i watch your shows i will like to meet you but i live in Trinidad…………………

  3. Hi Ellen

    I just want to say “Thank you so much” for all the wonderful things you do and all the love you give to people!!

    2009, has been the WORST YEAR in my Life, but I sit and watch your show almost every day, and just cry. To think there are still people in this world that do so much good for others!!!

    We immegrated from South Africa to Australia in 2007 as there were Land Claims on our Farms, so there was no future for our children as far as farming is concerned, life is not easy here, specially us South African’s being so spoilt.

    My most adorable father (my Hero) took ill in January 2009, it broke my heart not being there all the time for him, he sadly passed away on the 23 July 2009, 1 and half weeks of being back in Australia my father in law had a massive heart attack, so back we went to South Africa to go and support him. Thank goodness God was good to us and the Drs pulled him through.

    Just being back again 2 weeks, my daughters father in law passed away from a massive heart attack. The sad thing is they had just had a Baby Boy (Pieter) and named him after Grandpa, who fortunately saw him just after birth, but they were going to spend Christmas with them in South Africa so that they could get to know Pieter better.

    My Son and his wife were expecting their 2nd Baby, but she miss carried at 8 weeks, which was traumatic for all of us!!!

    But the wonderful thing is Ellen, when I sit and watch your show, and hear the people appauld you, and you give it back to them, it feels as if your energy comes to me as well!!! I love the way you dance and how you chuckle!!! I am no celeb, but it would be the biggest priviledge to be able to be and see you life!!!! So how about taking a trip to Perth Australia, so that I can just shake your hand and thank you for bringing some much JOY into my life every day!!!!!

    God Bless you and once again thank you.

    Fondest Regards
    Celia Labuschagne

  4. Hi Ellen,

    I just got my computer today and I coundn’t wait to go on your web site. I am a computer virgin so your my first !! Thanks for making me laugh so hard that my friends started buying me Depends Diapers cause …well… you get the picture.
    Love you ellen.

    salut mon ami
    (french for bye)

    Joanne Daoust

    P.S. When are you coming to Canada?

  5. Hi Ellen,my name is alice iam 30 years old now,i just came from africa kenya in 2006.Iwas married for nine years with four kids but the marriage did not work out because my husband abused me emotionally,he made me feel so bad about my self because of our education difference and my weight too so i decided to walk out which is a very tough decesion to leave young kids between nine and three behind.
    I have been depressed but your show gives me alot of hapiness and laughter in my heart,i watch your show every day and it gives me the hapiness i never had and instead o thinking about my tough everyday,i think about making my life better eveyday,your jokes,your dances everything you do on stage makes me realize that i should be happy instead of being sad.
    My spirits have changed,am always dancing with my son iam working hard to go to school it does not matter how long it may take,at the moment i am an attendant ,i dont have my own apartment am living with my brother,i dont have a car i use a bus everyday to work,i wont be able to be with my kids for christmas and i may not be able to send them any presents,but believe me i have what i never had for nine years,HAPPINESS,so thank you for the joy you bring in our lives every day,Be blessed everyday.We love you so much.

  6. hi Ellen well I just want to tell you that I love your show u are just great I have so much fun watching your show Ellen I just want to see if u can help me I have 2 sisters that they need help my sister Vero lost her house her car and she cant even make the rent payments all I am fabiola garcia I work in burger king I am store manager I dont make a lot of money but I try to help my sisters with that money that I left I buy them sometimes market. I wiss I can help them with more u now this is going to be the second year whit out gift for christmast one of my sisters Lupita has 5 kids my other sister Vero has 4 kids .Ellen you will make my day if you just let me know that u get my email. I am using my friend computer. so I prefer if you can contact me in my cell phone (661)309-8673 Ellen sorry if I write something wrong I never when to school I am mexican I live with an american girl she just watch all american shows and from one of those shows I start watching u I love your sence of humor . please Ellen make my belived that that even if u cant help me that u get this email u will text me or some body that work for u and let me know that u get my email thank u.

  7. Dear Ellen:

    My name is Amina Amin, I am from Somalia.
    You are so funny and happy always, dear Ellen I’m single mother have two beautiful children. and I am student in MID CITY San Diego California,please help me I work part time job then my old car it was broke this week than I don’t know what to do so please help as save for my family


  8. Hello Ellen,
    Congratulations on your success, it’s wonderful that you are able to reach so many people and touch so many lives. It’s ashame that the world has to be such a cruel, cold place and people have to judge other people by the way they look or what doesn’t fit into their thought of “normal”. At the end of the day the only real thing is happiness, health, family and love. I’m glad that you have found love. I’m a newly wed, but my husband and I have danced the dance for years. This is my second marriage, my husband and I were 15 and 17 when we started dating, at twenty I gave birth to a daughter. We both were young and it wasn’t the time for us. So after 7 years I meant someone and married, that lasted 12 years. I don’t think you get over your first true love, I know I didn’t. I am glad to say we are married now and couldn’t be more in love. All I want to say is stay happy and in love!

  9. hey! ellen i enjoy your show so very much.your a gal that knows what she wants and is not afraid to go get it. as far as american idol goes. thay got a winner with you . i was not going to watch it this year but when i heard you would be on i cant wait.love you ellen go get em!!!!!!


  11. Hi Ellen I love your show to death you rule how is everything going? Me & my mom think UR show is
    amazing! I watch it everytime on youtube but I’ve
    evan seen Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley
    Tisdale, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato & Zack Efron
    on you’re show it or they’re cool I love your show

  12. hey ellen sana bayılıyorum böylesine müthiş bir program yok.ellen I LOVE YOU.YOU MAKE ME CRAYZ ELLENN:))

  13. hi ellen,this is my first time writing to you.thank you so much for your show i always watch it even though in nigeria we dont get to watch live shows only recorded shows and i also love ur kindness to people God bless u. am on of ur fans.

  14. Hi elen i saw the comments and decied to write. so here i am. can you give me something good


  15. Hi Ellen

    I just want to tell you that i love you so much. i watch your show everyday. i am a girl from a small country in Africa called Lesotho and your big fan.

    do you see how much you rock and domain the world.

    i can tell you that you are so bless. I love you.

    God bless you more…

  16. i always alone and upset but when i see your tv showzZ everythings just get perfect and i forget my pain and my problems and just laugh and laugh and laugh!

    thank u dear ellen for all love and happiness you give me and all the people!
    im dying to see you lovely and amazin’ ellen but im in iran!
    and its just a dream for me:(

    love you more and more beautiful ellen!


    NOT TO MENTION IGNORANT OF REALITY, homosexuality is growing throughout the world, its not them that are ruining the community, its you.


    on January 22, 2010 at 1:14 PM sophi

    that is horrid, such images should not be posted.
    Homosexuality is wrong!

    – its not horrid, its who they are, and if you cant accept it, keep it to yourself.


    on December 1, 2009 at 10:38 PM Archie Carrott

    Hey Ellen!! You Suck!, and your dances are stupid. You look like a 18 year old boy.

    – if you dont like her, why be on a website about her? dont comment !


    on November 20, 2009 at 10:56 AM Hellen

    disgust!! <; P

    – what is wrong with you?


    on December 16, 2009 at 10:59 AM HAMZA HERSI


    – gay people are not stupid, they have just as much right to this world as you, even more, they accept people for who they are, they dont judge them just because they're not what you call 'normal'.


    im not gay, but i hate how people think there is something wrong with gay people. there's not.

    i love your show ellen, your great. (:

  18. Hi Ellen,
    I’m just so angry at the idiots who put down luv of any kind! People shud b happy 4 everyone who gets chance at real luv nomatter sexuality, race, religion, or any othr reason they can come up with get over it it’s the twentyith centry for pete sakes! LIVE & LET LIVE!

  19. LOL ! … ellen .. ellen …. ellen ! i see her on American Idol she’s one of th most funniest/weirdest people i’ve ever seen (in a good way 😉 ) haha !

    anywhooot what channel does her show come on ? .. i mean anybody in NZ know ? lol ! i’d like to join all these ……….. “inspired” people in being “inspired” by her…….. jokes ? or whatever it is sh does haha !
    anybody ??

    anybody at all ?
    in NZ that is lol !

  20. Why shouldn’t she be put on? because she doesn’t have anything to do with the music industry? Then again either do the majority of the voting public, Idol is basically a popularity and singing contest and unless you are tone deaf anyone could be a judge on that show. Ellen works within the entertainment industry and has done for years, publicity and dealing with press is as much a part of idol as the music, thats why it’s called American Idol and not Americas Best Music Performer or something to that affect.
    I think Ellen would probably be an expert on dealing with publicity etc as she has managed to ‘come out’ to the press and still be one of the most successful people in showbiz. That alone gives her the right to work on Idol.

    Pro Ellen!!!

  21. Dear Ellen,

    A few shows ago you did a segment called “Whats wrong with this picture” in it you showed the backside of the lion float in our Oktoberfest parade. It was funny we never noticed however our city is a buzz with facebook and youtube and gaining momentum that you should be our next parade marshall. We have had other notables before ie John Candy, hockey celebs etc. but if I were to dream big I think you would be the best….you are the best. We loved your campaign to get on Opray’s cover, so we are going to attempt to do the same. If I were to dream big and I know I am, it would Ellen De Generes as our parade marshall and no we would not put you behind the Lion float, you would be the front car. The Oktoberfest parade is the biggest German festival outside of germany and Uncle Hans would be happy to host you.

    Dreaming Big and in technicolor,

    Louise Puopolo.
    Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario Canada

  22. I enjoy watching your show, you make me laugh and I like the guests that are on your show. I have to record it and watch it at nigth…

    I haven’t been on this web site before but some of the posts people right about are irelevant and senceless. I know people have their own opinions and beliefs, but each of us have to answer to the big man upstairs someday. We can’t control other people’s actions. We can’t control the world with what we believe is right or wrong.

    I don’t even think it’s right to be posting a story about being hard up, broke or in a financial dilema. We have to take responsibility for our actions and our lives. I can’t even believe people are writing in wanting you to give them money or to help them… how about getting a job or two or three and do what it takes to make it.

    It’s not easy to do, I know. I didn’t have family around, a few friends, but I had to do it. It made me a stronger person.

    Sorry to dwell or drag on, I just get mad when people just want things from others who have money and think they can just give it to someone for no reason…we all have our own problems in life, but work it out and fix it, don’t take the easy way out.


  23. Dear Ellen,

    I hve tried to write you in the past, but some how my words to you fall between the cracks. I have loved you and your wisdom and talent for so long. We are the same age. Your mother is such an inpiration to all who follow you each day. My mother passed away on November the 20th 2007. This is a death that could of been a “life”. In experienced hospital staff that kept telling her she had pmnonia”. But it felt like my heart was being pulled from my soul. I layed with her throughout her last moments and held her until her skin became cold. They asked me to take her rings off, such whithering, desperate and looming experience. She died in her own bed still fighting for me to make sure who in order of age was to recieve what. My mum was always a “church” kind of gal, but towards the end, when I was praying for the unification of her family, she chose to tell me that there was nothing but black out there.I listened but prayed that she would be in the arms of her beloved family.

    When both my parents became ill – unable to breath. We qustioned the carpet – an it was “toxic”. My dad suddenly needed a heart monitor, and my dear sweet mum was sentenced to a very ugly and painful death. There are 8 children in our family. We all tried our very best. My mum left notes in her jewelry drawer about who from the oldest to the youngest – and also specific ones dear to the special individual pieces.

    Three months after my mum died, my father had a knee replacement surgery. The experience, took me back to bathing my mum and taking care of all her needs. My father fell on me going to the bathroom. With my diseased back and his wait we had to hope someone could come. And out of the blue after 9 hours of supporting him, my brother in law came by. I thought I was having a heart attack.

    I already have the complications to a two level spinal stenosis, Lamenoctomy. The L4 and L5 I guess haven’t totally been destroyed the nerve is compoudingbut not se
    of spinal stenosis that and affecting my balance. Plus I have osteo-arthritus and my spine is collapsing. I know that recently you had Samuel Jackson on the show and he as talking about the L4 and L5 decompression procedue he had and how much it helped his back. I struggle with intense pain each day and would love to see a world where I could walk and enjoy life.

    Dear Ellen, if you could be a voice or a source for me, it would be amazing for us all,

  24. hi ellen my name is renee, my son wants to become an actor one day
    soon he dreams of this everyday, he is the best young man a person could ever meet well loved by every one he’s around his favor actress is hallie berry and if he could just meet her for just once in his life it would be a dream come true if there would be any way you could make this happen for him it will never be forgoten and will always be rememberd thank you with all of our love

  25. Hi ellen, I am crazy over you, I like laugh, dance conquer you real rock.
    I first see your show in Finland, but we dont see your show in Tanzania what can we do to get ur show over here.. Please bring dance laugh conquer to Tanzania.
    Whenever I watched ur show I cant help my self falling in love with you in a good way….
    The way you help people God bless you more and more, its so amazing to see you are capable of talking to people of every age, from celebrity to unknown.
    God bless you..

  26. This talentless scumbag has the world fooled, all of you on here that aprove of this vile person are just as nuts as her, if you agree (like liz does) with the queers of this world then you are part of the problem.

    Oh gay people are discriminated against, well if they really want to take up that argument then i suggest they talk to mother nature about it. Gay people use the nature argument., that homosexuality exists in nature so therefore it must be correct, well discrimination exists in nature, nature discriminates against gays. Heterosexual couples can have babies but gays cant, they want to protest the nature issue, nature wont even allow them to vote on the issue. They just have to deal with it, according to gays, nature is the very force that made them gay only to turn around and discriminate against them by not letting them to have a baby with their partner. That nature is a real homophobic bigot isn’t it? Who would have thought that the very force of nature was a homophobic bigot. Nature works only one way, gotta ask yourself, why?

    Oh and the oh so wonderful country that is the USA is actually the most fk’d up country in the world. Religion doesn’t even need to be brought into this, no matter what you believe in on how the human race came to be here, there are two genders, FACT, marriage has always been a hetrosexual institution, FACT, Real true Love is ONLY between a man & woman, FACT, what these two claim to be “love” is just a sick perversion. A child needs a mother and a father as its the best possible envirnoment to nuture a child, FACT. Men are designed to be with women and vice versa, Fact. Hey Ellen you vagina is built as an entrance for a mans errect penis, so its logical to conclude that you were designed to be with a man, hmm, when you two use ya dildos you prove my point, you need something to go in. Why is there such a thing as the opposite sex, b/c thats the way it’s meant to be, FACT, no getting away from it, hence why men and women are so different, b/c each has what the other needs and doesnt have, when they come together the circle is complete.

    Ellen dresses like a man, acts like a man without actually being a man, how is that right??? Lesbians are an insult to men as gay guys are an insult to women. Gay people are born gay, hmmm then why is it that certain people are in straight relationships, have children and then come out. Gay people are sooo nice, hmmm then why is it that people who disagree with them are labelled homophobic bigot, i mean they dont like being labelled yet they do it to others, oh if a person says homosexuality is wrong, oh its hate speech, i thought it was called free speech, the right to speak your mind no matter if your right or wrong or agree or disagree with others, hmm my bad. I abhor the mindset that it’s acceptable to fine or imprison people because they’ve dared to express an opinion you don’t like

    Why do they feel the need to push their lifestyle on school children? homosexuality has no place in a school and is not right to impose on children 5/6 yrs old, what gives them the right to adopt children when some of them dont want to be with the opposite sex but yet they want the children that come from the straight relationship. What gives them the right to deprive a child of a mother or a father, two lesbians can try and sugar-coat things all they want and play the “daddy role” but they are far from it.

    Ellen, flying in gods face isn’t a good thing, i hope you really pay the price and i hope it was all worth it. Oh she gives out prizes on her show, has celebrity guests, games..etc and everyone has bought into it, pfft, pathetic, it seems to me like she has a guilty conscience b/c she knows she is in the wrong and is trying to bribe the USA into thinking she is a good person, yeah money and prizes solve everything, pfft bullshit. The funny thing about this whole thing is the two of them actually think that they are married, ah ha ha ha, sorry to tell you that it’s not a marriage, try and replicate these type of things all you want, at the end of the day its all a big joke just like the lie that people are born gay, right, hmmm i guess people are born rapists and born killers. So many people in this messed up world are too blind to see the forrest for the trees, you all need to wake up to whats going on around you and the hidden agenda of the gay community.

    There is one good thing, this shit won’t last much longer, good will ALWAYS prevail over evil.

  27. Scott you need therapy. You seriously need to lay on someones couch. I do not condone nor accept what anyone does with their life as it is their life to live and they will get their just due in their final hour. Whatever the Lord has planned for them He and only He will serve it. By coming to a blog with so much hatred, I think you will end up in the very same place as those you have so much contempt for. No one Sin is greater than the other. Think about it!

  28. Hello, Ellen I love ur shows your so funny! I really would love to meet u in person 1 of these days and i hope that i could accomplish that soon. Right now im jus trying to focus on bringing my fiance down from the philippines i miss him so much and it`s frustating at times to where both of us get so upset w eachother that we get into our little fights! Their are times that i jus break down and cry my eyes out! It killed me when i had to come back to albuquerque, new mexico and leave him behind!!! I checked the status of my petition to bring him down here as my fiance and it`s saying they need more evdience nand they mailed me a letter june 17th saying what i needed and jus to follow the instructions. My fiance`s name is jose but goes by joey. It`s jus so much and i jus wish he would b here with me so we could live our lives happily ever after. Lol sorry jus had to let this off my chest thanx 4 u bringing great and funny times ur so awesome i love watching ur show xoxoxoxo`s Sincerely Patricia Romero

  29. Ellen,

    Jesus Christ can set you free from homosexuality. It is a sin. 1 Corinthians 6:9 says, “…..neither no homosexual, drunkard, fornicator, adulterer… will inherit the Kingdom of God.” Jesus said, “I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life. No one will come to the Father except through me.”

    You can’t live life your own way and expect to be right with God. Yes, God loves you, however, He can’t come to your sin because He is Holy, righteous, and just. You have to come to Him.

    I prayerfully suggest going to a good, Bible believing church where the spirit of God is moving.

    In Christ’s Love,

    – Sue

  30. Tari, don’ t dare speak to me like that, i do not need any therapy of any kind, it’s people like Ellen that need SERIOUS HELP. You may follow Christ and believe that they will get whats coming to them but they should also pay the price in this life. I have many reasons for disliking gay people because they are destroying the world, so why shouldnt i be angry about it, have i not got that right? You know nothing about me, I have a 19 month old niece that i love to bits and in my country we are heading down the same road as The USA. Homosexuality is being pushed on children, these oh so nice people that just want to be left alone, ha, what a joke. They can’t even leave children out of the issue, what does that tell you about them? The general consesus of the world is its ok to experiment, everyone does it. You are just to blind to see all the ways they are destroying this world so if i hate them, big deal, i have every right to because of what they have done to the world. I have had gay people in my life and if you heard the things i have heard with some of them saying things like oh we will just have to wait till all the old bigots die off, thats the attitude of a lot of them. i think that some sins are worse than others, just like crimes in this world, killing a person is worse than beating them up, yes? Maybe God sees some as worse than others or they are all the same, i just think some are worse. People are being arrested for just speaking up against homosexuality, now is that right? Thats what gay people have done to the world and its just the start. Free speech is being targeted along with christianity because they want things their way when they are in the wrong, common sense alone would tell you that. Look at what they are doing to children just by adopting them, them children are screwed up, they talk abot rights and yet they think they have the right to deprive an innocent child of a mother/father, so excuse me if i can’t stand these vile people. God is allowing all these things to happen and yet there are no consequences for gays and yet good people constantly suffer, my niece being one if you must know, she sometimes struggles to breath. Showing nothing but love and compassion isn’t my job to these people, most of them don’t want to even listen to simple logic, so how do you help those, huh? I believe that if they want to change and get back on the right road then the best of luck to them and i would help them do that but if they don’t want to change then they have made their bed so they can lie in it and take the consequences. Do you not think that Ellen has helped Satan get a foothold on this world and especially the USA. The USA is suppose to be “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”, thats becoming a joke. Look at that girl Phobebe Prince that took her own life, as far as i know ( i maybe wrong) ellen didnt mention her, wheras a lesbian wants to wear a tuxedo to her prom and bring her gf while knowing the school policy and gets told NO, ellen gives her $30,000 scholarship b/c of “discrimination”, think about that and my other points. If you think things through and do research you will see the bigger picture that the gay community dont want people to see. Ellen throws money at everything and thinks that solves everything.

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