Eternity Embraces Patrick Swayze, Rest in Peace!

A few artists have transcended the act of artistry to which their legacy will always be remembered, while many would simply fade away into eternity without ever achieving a status of a legitimate legacy, like most of us, for which they will always be remembered. And, Patrick Swayze is one of those who will always be remembered, his unblemished legacy will live on, forever.

Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace

 It’s rather a bad feeling for someone to come into this world, and leave as though you were never here. The dash between the year of your birth and the year of your death will represent everything that you were or did while you were alive on earth, and that could be your legacy, for what you will always be remembered, or may be not. May be you will simply fade away and no one will even remember or want to remember you. And this would depend on what you did while you were alive, because your legacy will mean how some people may want to remember you, while some may simply feel the relief that you’re finally gone.

How would you want to be remembered, as a villan or a beloved son or daughter, father or mother, uncle or aunt, nephew or niece, how would you want your history to be written?

Show your sympathy, honor, post and share condolences and eulogies, and pay tribute to Patrick Swayze on his unofficial Wrisen profile on Facebook. Rest in Peace, Patrick Swayze, you left too early too soon, my condolences to your wife Lisa and family.


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