Should Rep. Joe Wilson Resign from the U.S. Congress?

While President Obama was delivering his most anticipated speech last night for his proposed Healthcare Reform, Rep. Joe Wilson (R. South Carolina) rudely shouted; “You lie” ( to Obama during the speech, to which Obama shockingly paused and looked unpleasant to the Republican isle where the disruptive sound came from, and simultaneously, the whole House mumbled and booed in disagreement of the heckler, Rep. Joe Wilson.

Joe WilsonThis is similar to what we have seen in the last few months during the town hall meetings on the proposed healthcare reform, but most of the hecklers were general constituents who were concerned about their healthcare. However, for someone, who was elected in the office by his constituents to represent them in Washington, but caused to demonstrate such an ignorant and ill-fitted attitude of disrespectful during the speech by the President of the United States, that just shows how low Rep. Wilson is willing to go, into the garbage drain.

No matter who the President of the United States could be, either a Republican or Democrat, and or whether it’s Rep. Wilson’s rightful freedom of speech or what, as a citizen, there comes time for complete civility and respect for the Presidency of the United States, especially when they are congregated in the Chamber of the United States’ Capitol Hill, where civility and respect should sometimes perceive our political and ideological differences, especially during these hard times.

Yes, this is not much similar or even close to what goes on in the House of Commons in the UK, but there comes time for us to bear a good example and witness, not just for us, as decision makers and adults, but mostly for our children, who look up to us.

Regardless whether Rep. Joe Wilson has issued an apology and that Obama and the House of Representatives on both side of the isle have accepted his apology, this statement calls for Rep. Joe Wilson to resign immediately from his elected office. His rudeness and disrespectful behaviors are no different from that of Van Jones, who resigned last weekend as an Adviser to President Obama.

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8 thoughts on “Should Rep. Joe Wilson Resign from the U.S. Congress?

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  2. Yes, Joe Wilson showed how “un-American” and uncivilized certain radical factions of the “old” republican party is. I don’t believe he represents accurately the area of SC he was elected to. His days are numbered as a representative, as his uncivilized, disrespectful mouth just sealed that for him. He made the up coming election easy for his democratic challenger. His kid like antics and actions were major embarrassment to the republican party, congress and true Americans as it will be shown worldwide. He disrespected of office of the President on worldwide television and should have to publicly apologize to the President in front of the White House, on worldwide television and then resign. . . .on top of that, he needs to get his facts straight, the President was correct.


    Maybe Obama should prove he went to college and passed his courses as that LIAR knows nothing about economics, unless it is economics of destruction.

    It still is a free country and Joe Wilson is correct–YOU LIE is the truth. Last time I checked, when Bush was in office, the demorats were hideous to him. Obama deserves no respect. He lies to the American people and said NOTHING in his speech last night. No specifics, more taxes and the man ignores the national day of prayer but is going to let muslims pray outside the capitol building later this month.

    Joe Wilson may be the only politician that is not a liar, he called Obama out for being the Liar he is.

    In freedom.

  4. Mark McRae you are just another Right Wing nutjob! Probably a birther and a tea bagger as well. Just another “white Christian” who thinks that Obama is a Muslim and is out to destroy our country… yada yada yada… “The sky is falling, the sky is falling”… Idiot. The only truth here is that you and those like you are Racists, plain and simple. Think I am wrong? Then tell me you idiot, what the hell is wrong with being a Muslim?? God I hate rednecks, especially uninformed inbred rednecks that “think” Glen Beck and Fox news is a reliable source of news and information.

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  6. I dont think he should resign, but maybe he could learn to show some respect. He is clearly stupid and I am glad he made that public. All it takes for an idiot to prove themselves as such is for him/her to open their mouths.

  7. what is wrong with you people who speak foul language and write childish remarks because you disagree with what someone says! my gosh i am so very happy he spoke out. yes, it was not the best of times, he could have waited until he had a chance to speak to a t.v. reporter outside the chambers. but it had to be said.. as our president stood there and lied to the american people for about 45 minutes and no one had the guts to say anything except Joe Wilson. good for him !Obama has been and is lying to us americans more than probably any other president in my 70 plus years here on earth, i am tired of Obama trying to shove this health bill down america’s throat when it is very clear that most americans do NOT want it as it is written now, but Obama thinks he knows better than anyone on earth and is saying in effect ‘to hell with what america wants’ i want it, so i am going to sign it, i am glad he thinks he is KING or Queen of this country ! i will be so happy when the people get to speak and vote them all out of office earlier than they expected.
    thank you for letting me vent my opinion. i love America !

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