LinkedIn, the Perfect Acquisition for Yahoo!, AOL, Facebook, or Microsoft?

Why hasn’t Microsoft or Yahoo, not Google, acquired LinkedIn yet? The struggling AOL could benefit from buying LinkedIn too. LinkedIn is a good target right now. Facebook could be a perfect fit for LinkedIn too, just not Google. Google and LinkedIn would be like butter and water, just won’t make a good mix, but its 40+ million professional users could add more value to AOL (as long as AOL changes its name and rebrands) or Facebook (especially if Facebook does an IPO this year), than is for Yahoo! or Microsoft. Facebook will benefit more from LinkedIn, due to LinkedIn’s solid business model of paid fees for value-added membership services for professionals.


What’s Your Dream, As Inspired by Clarence

So you have a dream, now what?

Well, everyone else in the world has a dream, in fact, we all have our dreams of the things we want to do in our lives, and the only difference between you and the guy next door is about what you do now, right now, in order to make your dream come true.

If you sit back and simply say; ” I have a dream”, but don’t do anything to cause your dream to come true, then it never will. In fact, 40 or 60 years from now, you will still be saying “I have a dream”, but by then, you’ll be sitting on your patio, if you’d have one, with grey hair, still lauding your dream to everyone who passes by, down the street.

What you do today, right now, may help make your dream come true tomorrow. It’s all up to you to do whatever it takes now in order to make your dream come true.

Stop smoking weed and cigarettes, stop drinking alcohol, stop chasing men and women, stop partying and clubbing, stop the chat, get off Facebook or Twitter for a minute and take a moment, sit back and evaluate yourself, think about the things you need to do in order to make your dream come true and do it, don’t just think about it, make a move and do it. You are immensely endowed with great potential, act to realize yours.

What’s your dream?

Does It Matter that Former Yahoo Exec Brad Garlinghouse Has Joined AOL?

TechCrunch reports that former Yahoo Executive Brad Garlinghouse has joined AOL. But does that cause to help AOL?

Nope, not even a little. It won’t help make a difference with AOL. Brad would have been better off if he had joined either LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter (or even my next project or

AOL as a brand has lost its mojo. The only difference would be if AOL changes its name and brand to something else other than AOL, and completely revamp its business model and focus.

Even for someone to still has an email address seems so a hundred years ago, and if you still have an email address, that may even likely cause you not having anyone taking you seriously, because that’s so a century ago, it’s like carrying around and listening to a walk-man while everyone else is listening to an iPod, plus nothing new or really good has been coming out of AOL as a company lately.

The solution for AOl is; change the name from AOL to something else, bring in new management as it’s doing now and get rid of all the old ones, and then rebrand and refocus the business model, but keep the AIM solutions, that’s the only way out for AOL.

An IPO for AOL without doing any of the above will likely to be a disaster in terms of stock and company value both in the short and long run.