Moving Back to Network Solutions, for Domain Name Registrations

I haven’t checked out Network Solutions’ web site ( in ages, but for some reason today, I decided to check it out, and daaaank, their site looks good. Its color scheme and layout is just marvelously perfect. Plus, its pricing for domain name registration has gone lower.

(UPDATE: September 4, 2009 – 5:08 PM EST) – Oops, I might have been mistaken, because when I checked out the NSI site today, September 4, 2009, their registration fee per each new .com domain name is $34.99, which freakin’ high compare to and, and many other Registrars, who charge no more than $10 per each new .com domain name.)

Network Solutions, Inc. (NSI), was the original registrar and has held a monopoly over the .com and basically the .org and .net TLD domain registration as initially authorized by the U.S. government, when the registrations for the domain names were made available for commercial registration and general use. Only after lobbied and was granted permission to become the second TLD registrar. Not sure whatever happened to, deadpooled?

However, NSI was later acquired by VeriSign, which ended up just making it a mess, and awfully lowsy. Kept its domain pricing awfully high and awful to manage, and that paved a way for, and other upcoming registrars to take over the leadership from NSI.

I used to have hundreds of domain names registered under NSI, but since VeriSign took over the control of NSI and messed it up, like most other domain name owners, we migrated to other registrars. For me, I moved all my domains to

A few years ago, VeriSign sold NSI to a private equity firm, and I wasn’t sure about the future of NSI, I thought that was the end of it, but when I stumbled back on to its web site today, I really like what I see. Their site looks good and their domain pricing is as low as (sorry, but check my updated inserts above).

I will now move all my domains back to NSI, because as you can read from my previous posts on here about, I have not been a happy camper with

I recommend NSI for domain name registration to anyone, anywhere.

(Except that they charge $12 a year per domain name forwarding, which sucks my breath out, because most Registrars don’t charge fees for domain forwarding any more.)


3 thoughts on “Moving Back to Network Solutions, for Domain Name Registrations

  1. Simon, thanks so much for brightening up our day! The Network Solutions team is happy to hear that you like our new look. We based our modifications on usability studies and customer feedback and it’s great to see this post from you, makes it all with it for us. We welcome you back to the Network Solutions family and look forward to helping you with your online needs.

  2. Thanks Steve, for your comment. Most Registrars don’t charge fees for the domain forwarding services anymore; I believe that may include, and 1and1. And, NSI still charges, I think $12+ a year per each domain name forwarding. This may turn off a lot of us, the domain name owners. Because I might be compelled to register as many domains with NSI as possible, and have them forwarded to one URL, but if I have to pay a fee for each domain forwarding, then hmm, that may not go well with many of us.

    So, please, look into it, and have NSI drop its domain forwarding fees. If you guys can do that, drop your domain forwarding fees, then NSI can really be the destination for domain name registration and management. I already like your domain control panel, and your new price is perfect. Just the domain forwarding fees. That’s a big punch in my stomach.

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