WP.com, Washington Post or WordPress?

Most large companies have already snapped domain names that either directly or indirectly reflect their company or brand names.

I never thought that giant publishing companies such as The Washington Post would not have done the same thing with the domain, WP.com.

To my surprise today, I only stumbled upon WP.com, as was displayed on the WordPress Homepage platform, yes, as you can see, I use WordPress.com for my blog, but who would have guessed that WordPress.com actualy owns the domain WP.com, and not The Washington Post?

So, that means if I want to go to The Washington Post web site, I have to type in washingtonpost.com? That’s too long. How about The New York Times, at least they own NYT.com, that makes it easy.

If you are large company as you claim to be, get the domain, all of the domain names, that either directly or indirectly reflect your company name or brand name. Make it easier for us, the consumers, to easily find you.

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