Latest Update:’s Shady and Unethical Domain Names’ Renewal Process

I recently wrote about how unhappy I am about’s possibly shady and unethical domain name expiration procedure. And, today, I received an email from someone ,named, Alon, from The Office of the President at, who wants to talk to me about my concern.

The following is the email copy I received from him;

Go Daddy – concerns about domain expiration procedures

Friday, January 2, 2009 3:38 PM

From: “**********” *************


Dear Mr. Kapenda,

I recently came across an article you posted to your blog regarding Go Daddy’s domain name expiration procedures:

Specifically, you stated that Go Daddy parks domain names approximately 40 days prior to expiration if not renewed. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about your concerns because I can assure you that Go Daddy does not normally do this. I’d like to learn more about your experience to see if anything occurred that should not have or if there is simply some confusion that needs to be cleared up.

If you can find a moment, please contact me by phone at your earliest convenience. Of course, I’d be happy to call you, if you’d prefer; just provide a phone number and let me know when would be a good time to call. If you’re unable to speak by phone, please respond via email and let me know at least one domain name that you believe was handled this way so that I can investigate.

If you have any other concerns or questions, please also feel free to contact me.


Twitter: GoDaddy*****
Office of the President,
10am – 7pm, US Mountain Standard Time
(480) 505-8828 Phone
(480) 275-3975 Fax

I emailed him back, telling him that I will call him early next week.

I appreciate the fact that GoDaddy contacted me the soonest I posted that blog. I give them credit for that, but the fact is, I am not happy how they do business when coming to their domain name expiration procedure.

My request is for GoDaddy to change the way they do business, in regard to their expiration processing procedure, because it’s not just hurting me, it’s probably hurting everyone who registers domain names with

I will keep posting here any and all the updates on this subject matter.

Example of one my domains that are expiring soon, and have already been forwarded to GoDaddy’s parking page with paid ads, is ( This domain expires on January 9, 2009, but since mid November 2008, this domain has been redirected from my web site;, to GoDaddy’s parking page. I have had several domain names, including .com’s, which GoDaddy has done the same thing, and I have lost several of them as explained in my previous post.

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9 thoughts on “Latest Update:’s Shady and Unethical Domain Names’ Renewal Process

  1. I’ve registered lot’s of domain names with Go Daddy but haven’t have a problem with anything yet. I do try to keep things up-to-date in my domain list.

    I appreciate your blog post about this issue. I helps to be aware in the world of domaining.

    Generic Website currently has Go Daddy banner ads displaying on the domain name page,

  2. I have also registered with godaddy. So far I had no problems with .com domains. However I had a problem with a .de name, which they did not renew.
    Maybe one should write to the better business bureau….

  3. Same problem here with .DE domains. This is absolutely infuriating. Godaddy effectively hijacked my domains more than a month before they expired. Phoning godaddy support, they stated some policies, but weren’t able to provide me with any of them when I requested to see those. The terms of their service don’t state anything about it, nor did their renewal notification emails.

    I was given only two options – to leave the domains locked and disabled until they expire, or pay for renewal. Not exactly much of a choice.

    I am going to see what action can be taken from Germany and with DENIC, but GoDaddy shouldn’t be allowed to operate in such a way.

  4. Did you make the phone call / eventually get it worked out with GoDaddy?

    I’m in a similar fix right now with a .be domain. I ignored the auto-renewal notices from a few weeks back, and now, on the 20th of the month before my domain renewal, my domain is listed as pending expiration. I can’t do anything. Even by their rules, I should have today to renew it. But nope, they’re going ahead and putting up a parked page.
    What did you do to get your situation worked out?

  5. Wow, I discovered one of my domains, due to expire in 10 days, was Cancelled. I’m PISSED. I can’t renew within the Godaddy panel, yet when I login to the Nominet panel, I can clearly see that I have several days before expiration.

    This is crappy business, and yet’s it Feb 2010 and they are still doing this. I’m CTO for a group of startups and a major ecommerce site and will put word out on twitter and in the forums immediately. This would make good for a TV news report – it’s scandalous.

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