A Very Sad Day for John Travolta: Actors’ Son Jett Travolta Dies at 16

Children anywhere, are not supposed to die at this young age, specifically from a disease, an epileptic seizure, especially in some of the countries with the best medical facilities. It’s very sad, very, very very sad, for any parent to lose a child, anywhere.

I was traveling yesterday and wasn’t able to keep up or check the news, and today Saturday, I woke up late, at 7:00 am EST, and as usual, I logged onto CNN.com and BBC News, for my daily breakfast news and current events, and my eyes suddenly have gotten wet, my heart feels sad, as I read the headline news that John Travolta’s 16 year old son, Jett Travolta, died of seizure while vacationing in the Bahamas.

No parent anywhere should go through that, especially that its cause is a disease. It’s already the worst feelings for any one to lose his or her loved one by any cause, but when it’s a teenage child, it’s devastating. As a parent, you hope and expect that your children will be grow up happy, healthy, and grow older, but when a child dies, it’s very sad.

Just imagine the parents and childrent in Darfur, where death has become a common daily thing; and the cause is man made.

My heart and prayers go out to the Travolta’s family.

Read more at CNN.com.


2 thoughts on “A Very Sad Day for John Travolta: Actors’ Son Jett Travolta Dies at 16

  1. I have a daughter. She’s almost 10. She’s the absolute light of my life. I watch her when she doesn’t realize it and I see that she’s not aware of her playfulness and how absorbed she is in discovering, as of late, things like fashion, makeup and Hannah Montana, Disney, Nick., etc. I guess when I watch her, I learn so much of what it means to be a human being more than if I were to go to a psychology or anthropology class because there is something universally applicable in all children and that is how to just be. I’m very sad and heart broken for Mr. Travolta and his family because I guess things like this happen and for some reason or another I want to explain the reasoning for the loss of someone who was just trying to be. There’s no words, no extension of thought, no reasoning that can explain how something like this can happen. It just hurts. That’s it and that’s all and the confusion is added to the pain. I don’t know what I’d do or how I’d feel if I lost my daughter–I think that my life would have this void, this indefinite emptiness and nothing could replace it, but then time goes by and you have these memories of the good times and, like I read in the CNN article about the Tennessee couple who lost their child who was Jett’s age, all you can do is just cry. But eventually you realize life is still going on and you don’t know how these people can carry on with life when the purest, truest and most beautiful thing in the world to you has been ripped away. I guess its just necessary to be patient with people who need to grieve and try to understand why. To those of you who have lost children, I think that there is hope that that “black veil” will be drawn away by making friends with the fact that there is very little we can control in this world and by not being so hard on yourself knowing that you did the best you could’ve done as a parent. When something like this tragedy happens, there may be a tendency to escape that reality by staying busy or using substances or by shutting down and entering a dark period of your life that is indefinite. But to that I say be brave. Find the courage to carry on because your experience, though tragic, may comfort someone else who goes through the same experience one day, though we hope it never happnes. Everyone’s experience is different and yet the same–the pain hurts in different ways but is there to remind us that this too will pass, no matter if its good, bad, right, wrong, life or death. So my message is be sure that you stay in the moment and not fret with the future, because you may be missing out on the most beautiful things right now if you’re caught up in the past or caught up in the future. Right now is all we have. My deepest sympathies to Mr. Travolta and his family and all of those who’ve lost people close to them at what seemed to be to early. I hope and wish that everyone can start to focus on the growing and rebirth of all good things that are happening now so that peace and serenity may enter their lives anew.

  2. Kevin, thanks for your comment. I can’t even imagine myself to be in any position of a parent anywhere, who has lost his or her child, especially when it’s so sudden. It’s strikingly difficult for any parent, anywhere.

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