Apple’s Possible Future Without Steve Jobs

I am not and have never been a fan of Apple or its products, except its stock in recent years, but I like what Steve Jobs did by turning around the company.

Prior to the introduction of its new products such as iMac, iPod, etc, Apple seemed like it was going down the hill. For instance, in December 1997, its stock hit the lowest at $3.28. Most analysts then seemed to have written it off until the settlement of Microsoft’s antitrust case, coupled by the introduction of Apple’s new products; iMac, etc.

The problem that seems to face certain companies is when one solely brands and ties the company to the Founder/CEO, and if something happens to him or her, then it may seem like the company itself may also go down. So, with Steve Jobs, it may look like without him at the realm, that Apple may not do as good, but surely, it will hopefully continue to thrive.

Steve only needs to do what Bill Gates has done, by identifying or appointing his future replacement soon, so that the market can get to know and get used to the person who may replace him some day.


One thought on “Apple’s Possible Future Without Steve Jobs

  1. I agree with you on that. Steve Jobs has done a lot for Apple, but its success cannot be solely placed on him.

    I think he’s put the company in a good position, and anyone who may take over should be able to continue the good work.

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