Tech Increased My Traffic to Over 410% in 3 Hours

This afternoon, the traffic to my blog,, sky-rocketed to over 410% in less than 3 hours after my blog appeared on “ Tech Linking Blogs section”, in regard to my response posting to “Microsoft‘s Outlines Vision of Pay-as-You-Go Computing”, an idea which I find to be ridiculously amusing, dumb, and ill-conceived.

My blog has never had so much traffic in a single day, let alone in a single month. So, this is soooo cool and awesome…!

Read more about my response to Microsoft’s dumb idea on Pay-As-You-Go Computing.

One thought on “ Tech Increased My Traffic to Over 410% in 3 Hours

  1. If The pay-as-you-go computing goes into effect, how does that impact those that have already bought and paid for their computer? Some computers are simple set-ups, others quite a bit more complex and costly. This microsoft idea is going to force a lot of people off the internet. I cannot and will not pay for individual usage. I already pay for my internet access to my provider. How many more cost layers can be added on to this means of communication? I enjoy my ability to keep in touch with family and friends by email. I find the research potential a fantastic resource. But on a fixed income I will be unable to enter into an open ended cost for usage. This plan will be the equivalent of long distance calling on a land line from decades ago. I won’t use it unless there is an emergency. Advertising will fall off and Microsoft will have shot themselves in the foot. Businesses will be impacted negatively. How can they even consider such a flawed idea?

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