Domain Names: and – a great domain name currently under-utilized. So much potential for this domain, but so little creative talent shown by the current owners. They are using it for the bulletin boards (forums)?

Last time I checked a few years ago, this domain was listed for sale at for $30 million, but I am not sure if it ever had a buyer.

Same goes with the domain, Why aren’t the owners of these domains using them to their fullest potential, hmm, lack of inventive minds may be? was bought for about $360 million, but what a waste so far!


2 thoughts on “Domain Names: and

  1. Sad to see people waste domain space like that…it kind of makes me angry also. If they have no use for it…just sell it and get that money in da bank :p

  2. Yes, it’s really sad and embarrassing too. It’s like having the largest plot of land in mid Time Square on Park Avenue in NYC, but instead decided to build a tiny shack on it, selling only peanut butter sandwiches.

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