Oprah Winfrey’s Top Cabinet Level Appointment by Obama

To reinvent the much damaged American image around the world would require a new and fresh face with strong ideas of unity and world peace. Yes, Obama is the fresh face, but US Secretary of State is the front image, the face that precedes the US presidency in foreign affairs.

US Secretary of State is the face of the United States government among foreign leaders around the world, who is responsible for handling foreign affair and managing the core issues of the US State Department. It’s highest-ranking cabinet level position, in terms of in line of succession to the presidency and order of precedence.

Thus, I had been thinking that Obama would select someone with a more favorable public relations front, and I had been thinking that Oprah is the perfect fit for the US Secretary of State job. She’s the most loved, admired, and respected around the world, mostly by almost everyone, not as a politician, but as a journalist, entertainer, and philanthropist. She’s agile, tough, and smart.

However this week, Obama met with Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson to discuss the possible job appointment for the US Secretary of State.

I had thought about Hillary Clinton for the job, she’s tough, resilient, and well respected around the world, as a politician and first lady, and she would make an excellent Secretary of State. But I was thinking more on Obama’s theme of change in Washington, and Hillary Clinton is one of Washington insiders. Bill Richardson will also make a great Secretary of State; he too has foreign experience, him being a former US ambassador to the UN, also a Washington outsider, and is also respected by foreign leaders around the world.

I had also considered Obama appointing General Collin Powell as Defense Secretary, but that won’t make a good racial fit, having Winfrey and Powell, both in the top cabinet level position. Obama has to equalize the racial borderline and bipartisanship, even though when a person’s experience should precede racial status or political party affiliation, racial and bipartisanship equalization should precedents all else, anywhere. Therefore, for Obama to consider McCain as Defense Secretary would make a perfect appointment and shorten confirmation by the Congress and Senate.

For the economy, I urge Obama to replace Treasury Secretary, Paulson, on the day of his inauguration, same as for Fed Chairman Bernanke. Even though this post of Federal Reserve Chairmanship may be a lifetime appointment, Bernanke and Paulson need to go in order to quickly stabilize the market. Just look at Paulson’s misappropriation of the bailout money.

All $250 billion of the $700 billion bailout money have already been misgiven to banking institutions and now they are changing their initial market rescue plan to pump the rest of the bail out money to credit card and student loan companies, instead of spending this money in what is really economically needed and mostly relevant, cleaning up the housing market.

Warren Buffett would make a good Treasury Secretary; the only thing I am worried about him is his age. If appointed, how long can he serve as Treasury Secretary? But then the economy only needs about 18 months to turn around and he can definitely serve those months and may be a few more years. Except that, there’s a talk that former Treasury Secretary, Summers, is also one of the people in the short list, being considered for the Treasury Secretary Job. But Buffett may get the job since he’s proved as one of the world’s best money managers, and not to say that he’s more closer to Obama as one of his presidential economics advisers.

My question is – why would a billionaire, like Oprah and or Warren, give up his day, money making, job to serve as Treasury Secretary or US State Secretary?


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