New Site, Welated, Due to Spill the Beans on Your Love Life

In May 2007, I launched a patent pending data tool, RentersQ (, the most loved to hate rental history reporting site, which Business First of Columbus calls “… a tool for landlords to help take guesswork out of tenant screening”.

This year, I am launching a new site, Welated (, which is poised to be the site that you and everyone else in the world will have to check before you go on a date with anyone, anywhere.

In 2000, I launched InterCOL (, which I thought was the best business history reporting site project ever, back then, and then in 2005, I launched Tip-Mart (, a patent pending online reverse auction site, a new site is coming in early 2009, and then RentersQ.

Since last year, I have also been developing Gatepedia (, another patent pending innovative marketing utility platform, but this one is a huge project and will take at least another 10 months before it’s launched to the public.

Each time I work on a project, I always think that this is my best, but when I start to develop a new one, then I realize that this one is my best yet.

So, Welated is the social venue you’d love to hate, and you’d wish you can stop me now, so I don’t have to launch it. Because, no matter who you are or wherever you are, Welated is going to spill the beans on all your personal relationships and love life. The good thing is, it’s going to be a lot of fun…!

I have to stop here, because I am starting to reveal too much about Welated.

It’s is on, just stay tuned…!


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