Can Someone Please Tell Hillary Clinton What Time It Is?

It was the final championship game, the referee has already signaled the final whistle, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls have won the championship game.

But John Starks and his New York Knicks team are still on the court, hoping to score and win the championship game, even when the Chicago Bulls’ players have already left the court and almost all the audience in the arena have also left the building, but the New York Knicks are still on the court, bouncing the ball back and forth, hoping to score the last win, even when they know that the game is over. But, what championship game are they going to win?

Hillary Clinton, no offense, I like the Clintons, but the game has long been over, but Hillary is still playing, hoping to score the last one and win the championship game. But, what championship game is she going to win, what democratic primary nomination is she hoping to score?

We are at the end of May, soon it will be the DNC Convention in August, and Hillary still wants to push it to the Convention, hoping to convince the delegates that she is the one, but which delegates? Now, let’s say we are in August, and the general election is in November, how much time does Hillary actually need between August and November to campaign and win against John McCain?

Here is her strategy. She’s doing this to make sure that Obama doesn’t win against John McCain in November, because as long as she keeps on campaigning, hoping to win the nomination, then she’s just distracting the Democratic Party and the voters and give the general election to John McCain, and then in 2012, she can then come back and run again for the presidency. Making John McCain a one-term president.

Or worse case scenario, she convinces everyone in the DNC that she’s the electable candidate, and then the DNC strippes Obama’s delegates and give them to Hillary, and she then become the Democratic Party presidential candidate, leaving Obama outside, dry.

Black people in the U.S. make up about 26 percent of the Democratic Party voters. If Hillary is successful in stripping Obama’s delegates’ rights, what does she think black democrat voters will do? Continue voting for her and democrat? No, if this happens, most black democrat voters will migrate to either the Republican Party, or become independent, or perhaps someone would merge out of nowhere and form a new political party to attract black voters.

What this means is that Hillary is out to completely isolate and destroy the Democratic Party and its members. If she really loves America, if she really cares, if she really love democracy, then she just has to step aside and let the process move on, let and start supporting Obama as the preferred, candidate of choice.

Hillary, I really like you and Bill, but please stop. The game is over, Obama won the championship, let’s move on. Shall we?


One thought on “Can Someone Please Tell Hillary Clinton What Time It Is?

  1. at first i didn’t care who would win, out of obama and hillary, but then hillary started getting really ugly with the race, she started actting like a man, when she didn’t need to,she talked about obama really bad she even said things that wasn’t true, and that was about herself and other things, now she won’t get out of the race when the race is over for her and it’s 8/7/08 and she’s trying to run for president, i just don’t get this woman, she’s making women look really bad, just because of the things she trying to do to obama just to win, it really make you wonder about her, i feel she need doctor care, and right now, she’s going to hurt someone.HILLARY PLEASE GET SOME HELP

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