10 thoughts on “What Makes a Good Mission Statement?

  1. Hi Sir:

    I am wondering wither you interchange the meanings/definitions of Vision Statement and the Mission Statement?

  2. hey? i 1 year down the line and i love what you have done. could you halla back to me 🙂

  3. hi sir, I was wondering if you could create a mission statement for a ‘fake’ company (its for an assignment). My company is based on sports aid such as compression bandages.

  4. Could you possibly help me with a mission statement. I have a cleaning company and I am looking to expand vastly this year. My company is called goldie cleaning services

  5. Simon, I found this site really useful and the video provided for the Guy Kawasaki reference was perfect. I am going to be starting my own company here soon and been having a hard time with the mission statement, I currently have mine set at “Our mission is the realize the tremendous potential for the world of paintball and provide our customers with an entirely new experience not offered by others”, yet I don’t feel its the right thing, or right wordage… Can you please help me? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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