The Joy and Pleasure of Helping Others

I love helping all kinds of people in every way I possibly can, but I dislike when people helping or doing anything for me without me having to compensate them.

For example, right now, we are under more than 20 inches of snow and our community association is supposed to dig us out and clean our driveways, but my nicest neighbor volunteered to help shovel our drive way.

Now I feel indebted to him for the “rest of my life”.

I always feel fulfilled when I know that I’ve helped someone in whatever I can, I just find joy and pleasure in doing so, but I always feel guilty when someone else helps me out. It’s such a weird feeling.

Now, we have to try to do something nicer for him for doing that for us, and I appreciate him very much for doing so, because now we can drive in and out of our garage, thanks to him.

What pleasure do you get, if any, in helping other people?


2 thoughts on “The Joy and Pleasure of Helping Others

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  2. This is naive selfishness – self-centeredness. Put yourself in their shoes, and allow their deed to be purely genuine for THEM.

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