Spirit of the Entrepreneur, Limitless Possibilities

The article in the Entrepreneur.com defines some of the key ingredients for the spirit of an entrepreneur.

1. Passion

2. Positivity

3. Adaptability

4. Leadership

5. Ambition

In addition to those, I am adding my own;

– Determination

– Perseverance

Do any of these have a precise meaning in the pursuit and fulfillment of your entrepreneurial dream, if so, how or what are they?

How do you overcome the negative effects and the anxieties, caused by the opposite side of any of these powerful ingredients?

For me, I have the passion to excel, the determination to succeed, and perseverance to overcome the impossibilities. I strongly believe that I have limitless possibilities.

I am never discouraged by anything, I never get depressed, in fact, I become more creative when I am faced with any form of impossibility. And I don’t take “no” as an answer from anyone.


2 thoughts on “Spirit of the Entrepreneur, Limitless Possibilities

  1. Simon,

    I was once at a talk given by Dr John Teeling (Cooley Distillery, Minco, etc.) where he said there is only one thing that unites all successful entrepreneurs… they all survived long enough to succeed.

    I can’t say I’m never discouraged, but the above has helped me to keep going.

    Best of luck,


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