Obama Became Too Arrogant, Loses Ohio and Texas

I am very disappointed and will stay away from listening to election news for the next few days until I cool down.

I am starting to really dislike Ohio. In 2000, we wrongly gave the presidency to Bush, and then again in 2004 instead of Kerry. Now, we gave the Ohio primaries to Clinton instead of Obama.

It’s like we don’t see what’s really happening. Ohio has lost more jobs than any other states, and yet we still vote for the wrong candidate which is Clinton, instead of Obama, whom I believe he passionately shares more of our sentiment than Clinton.

This time Clinton was more aggressive in her campaign while Obama got too comfortable and relaxed thinking that he got Ohio and Texas locked in from his previous 11 straight wins, which is his big mistakes because he should never be that way, he should never play on offense.

Also, I think Clinton did a good job this time by keeping her husband out of the equation in Ohio and Texas, because even though I like Bill, he had became more of a liability to her in recent months because of his unreasonable attacks and squabbles with Obama. So, this time, he stayed in the background, and Hillary came out as herself, which most voters saw more of her own image instead of Bill.

From here on, Obama needs to shake up his team, as Clinton did a few weeks ago. Which is why Clinton has gotten new fresh ideas, started doing more direct attacks and hits, such as the midnight Ringing Phone Ad.

Plus, Obama has been recently repeating the same old lines of such as that of Pres. Kennedy’s quotes, etc., so he really needs to shake up his team, bring in more new and fresh ideas, play more of defense instead of offense, and really hammer Clinton on key issues for the upcoming Pennsylvanian and other states primaries.

And, he needs to bring out more of his secret weapon, which is Oprah. He should have let Oprah and his wife Michelle to come out and campaign in several cities in Ohio as they did in California.

But mathematically, as John King of CNN was explaining it on CNN yesterday, even if Clinton wins Ohio and Texas and all other upcoming primaries, she still will not win the nomination. Right now all she did in Ohio and Texas is prolong her campaign’s lifeline to a few more primaries, but in the end, both Obama and Clinton, it will all come down to the super-delegates count to make the final pick for the ultimate candidacy nomination at the Democratic National Convention, and hopefully that would be Obama.

McCain on the other hand is pretty locked in and can now focus with full throttle on his presidential campaign.

So, the question still is, between Obama and Clinton, who’s better equipped to beat McCain? It will all come down to key issues, and as recent polls suggest, Obama is more equipped to beat McCain than Hillary.

But since McCain is and has always been a maverick, he can if he stays true to himself and ignores the calls from conservatives and just stays the way he always has been in the senate, he can and is capable of pulling of surprises, because he can attract both independents and some democrats, especially when coming to national security issues, amid that the voters miraculously void and blindly forget his voting for the war in Iraq.

For additional credit for you young kids: which one sounds better in terms of names? President Barrack Obama, President Hillary Clinton or President John McCain?

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