Barack Obama – Time is Now, Phenomenally

History is being written and re-written right before our very own eyes and if you are denying it simply because of his race and color of his skin, then you’re denying yourself the gift of being part of it.

During the days and times of Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, John F. Kennedy, Mohandas Gandhi and other great personalities, those of us who were not yet born or were too young to know it, experience it, hands-on feel it, literally see it with our very own eyes, and hear it with our own ears, now have a chance to live and re-live it, feel it, see it, hear it, and not just stand on the side line, but being part of it, and that’s the new voice, the fresh wind which is currently blowing from the East to West, South to North parts of the United States, the cultural phenomenon of the son of man, Barack Obama.

There are times when I just wished I was part of the Martin Luther King Jr’s and or Mohandas Gandhi’s movement, but I was not yet born, but now, when my children and grand-children, and great-grand-children will ask me; “dad or grandpa, how was it, when Barack Obama became the first African American President of the United States in the history of the U.S.?”

Then I would like to tell them everything, how since he stepped up on the podium in 2004 during the Democratic national convention, when the majority of the Americans and the world didn’t know anything about him or have never heard the name Barack, for the first time for the whole US to get to know him, hear his eloquent voice and speech, his vivid passion, and the gift to capture and captivate all those who hear him speak.

Barack Obama is the real deal today; he’s the voice that cries out in the desert, the vision, and the deliverer. He’s today’s cultural phenomenon.

But I am richly blessed and passionately grateful, because I was part of the movement and the history that ended the South African Apartheid movement. I didn’t just stand on the sideline, but just like most of us then, in Namibia and South Africa, was part of it.

I was part of the history when Nelson Mandela was released from the Robben Island prison; I was part of the history when Sam Nujoma arrived back in Windhoek from many years in exile. Now, I am richly blessed again to being part of the Barack Obama’s phenomenal movement in the U.S. and around the world.

Where would you be? Go out and vote, be part of it, let your vote be counted and be part of the historical movement.

Time is now, it’s true – Yes We Can.


One thought on “Barack Obama – Time is Now, Phenomenally

  1. This is a wonderful posts which truly captures the essence of Obama and what he means to America.
    Thank you for putting it in such historical points.

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