The Next U.S. President, Who?

Clinton, Obama, Huckabee or Romney.

One of these candidates might be our next president or may be not.

My question is who might be more pro-small business, someone who Wall Street can cheer for?

I like Romney, probably because of his entrepreneurial spirit. In short, Romney is a former CEO of Bain & Company and the co-founder of Bain Capital, a private equity investment firm. And I am a big fan of Bain Capital.

But me being a democrat; I am divided between Clinton and Obama.

When Bill was president, almost everyone was smiling to the bank, amid that he came to power when Bush Sr. had everything screwed up, and when Clinton left the office, he had had balanced the budget, and the deficit was in control. Although most people believe that Hillary was mostly responsible for helping Bill accomplish all of those.

So, does Hillary have the it factor? I think she does, she will be a great president, perhaps better than her husband, but then she sometimes has that illustrious funny smirk on her face, that makes you think that she’s saying one thing but then actually she may mean something else.

Obama; he’s a fresh face in Washington. His ideas are commendable, and him being against civilian guns, etc, I agree with him. I too believe that civilians should be limited to carying guns. I don’t carry or own a gun, and I have never carried, owned or fired a gun, and I want to stay that way.

If civilians were limited to stringent gun control, then these treacherous accidents like the Columbine, Virginia Tech, the Nebraska Mall, and many other unreported gun shootings may not be happening.

So, if I could vote for two candidates, I would vote for Hillary and Obama, but since that can’t happen, given all his stance on many different issues, I’d vote for Obama.


2 thoughts on “The Next U.S. President, Who?

  1. I think you used too many words to say something simple and straighforward – OBAMA is the best candidate for president of the United States. End of Story. Period. The end. There is no need to go round in circles or beat about the bush or procrastinate. OBAMA is the answer to America’s current political & economic crisis. Goodbye.

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