eBay Selling PayPal?

“The easiest way for eBay to reward its investors, they argued, would be to spin off PayPal, a move eBay management will never acknowledge considering — until the day a plan is announced,” (FORTUNE).

I understand that the marriage between eBay and PayPal is solid and well-suited for each other, but the pundits at FORTUNE seem to think that the time is ripe for eBay to divorce PayPal, and let the shareholders cash in big time.

They also noted that PayPal’s revenue from everywhere else is far greater than the one from eBay.

I can understand the suggestion for eBay to rid Skype to Google, since Google is preparing to launch gPhone soon, but the speculation of eBay to get rid of PayPal seems far too fetched.

But then again, there might be some other things going on at PayPal and eBay that most of us don’t know?


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