Tip-Mart Makes the List of Finalists for the TechColumbus 2007 TopCAT Innovation Awards

We’re moreover excitedly excitingly excited to announce that Tip-Mart, Inc., the developer of RentersQ (www.rentersq.com) and soon to be launched Gatepedia (www.gatepedia.com), has made the list of finalists for the TechColumbus 2007 TopCAT Innovation Awards in the category of Outstanding Startup Business.

TechColumbus (www.techcolumbus.org) accelerates the growth of the innovation economy by providing vital resources and assistance to people and enterprises that depend on technology to achieve their business goals.

The annual TopCat Innovation Awards (www.topcatawards.org) is the most prestigious technology event in Ohio, which recognizes outstanding achievements in technology leadership. From hundreds of entries, TopCat Awards will be given to 13 outstanding leaders and teams who exemplify the best in technology leadership and innovation.

Just for having been nominated for this category for the TechColumbus 2007 TopCat Innovation Awards and now that we’ve made the list of the finalist is even better. And we hope that we win, but even if we don’t win, we’re just humbly honored for being part of these great events.

It truly helps thrust our passion for staying up late, developing cool and unmatched technological advance web-based tools for the masses.

Please stay tuned for Gatepedia, coming soon.


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