100,000 Bees Invade University Building

KPRC Local 2 in Houston, Texas today reports that more than 100,000 bees have invaded a building at the University of Houston. Read the full story here.

Bee expert Mike Knuckey says that Mother Nature guided those bees to that spot and it was an easy place for them to get into. It was placed where they could control the temperature and their environment.

I know and have seen large swarms of bees in the past, while growing up in the farm in Namibia and I can never imagine anyone actually goes and counts them one-by-one to determine how many they might be in that one particular swarm in that particular building.

What if they less than 100,000? Does the number really matters or could they have just stated that a large swarm of bees have invaded the building at the University of Houston?

I like eating honey, but I am scared of the bees.


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